A white Southern police chief and a black detective put aside racial animosity to solve crimes in a Mississippi hamlet. This tense drama was inspired by the Oscar-winning 1967 film, which was based on John Ball's 1965 novel. Despite the occasional health-related absences of star Carroll O'Connor (Joe Don Baker and Carl Weathers each briefly filled the chief's chair), the series had a hearty run, premiering on NBC in 1988 before moving to CBS in 1992 for its last two seasons.


Guest Stars

Chief of Det. Virgil Tibbs
133 Episodes (2017-2017)
Sara Hallisey, Sarah Hallisey, Sheila Meredith
15 Episodes (2006-2006)
DA, DA Darnell, DA Darnelle, Darnell, District Attorney
14 Episodes (2006-2006)
Aunt Etta, Etta, Mrs. Gray
Dr. Day, Samantha
Jimmy, Jimmy Dawes, Walker Harris
Eugene, Eugene Glendon, Gene
Judd, Judge, Judge Simms, Judge Sims, Reed Nicholson
7 Episodes (2006-2006)
Sheriff McComb
Colmer, Earle Colmer Sr., Holly Colmer
6 Episodes (2006-2006)
Alvin Epp, Epp
Dr. Ellis, Dr. Perry, Loretta Kingsley
Calhoun, Peter Ballard, Randy Calhoun
Marcus, Ted Marcus
Steve Vincent, Tom Murphy, Vincent
Donner, Preston Donner
4 Episodes (2006-2006)
Doreen Jessup, Robin Stewart
Aunt Barbarella, Indian Tilley, Indian Tilly
Buddy Yunger, Harlan
Ben Taylor, Dan Williams, Tiny Randall
Megan Fowler
Colleen Craven, Dr. Hilliard, Rose Murphy
George Deschamps
Kevin Riley, Rev. Wishard
Brent Shaw, Buford Fowler
Libby Deschamps
Walt Goggins
Garth Watkins, Robbie
Aunt Ruta, Ruda Gibson
Allan Calloway, Allen Calloway
Ed Ruger, Wendell Munn
Joelle, Julia
3 Episodes (2006-2006)
Minister, Nathan Baxter
Goody, Goody Tate
Delbert Pike, Manager, Moss
Effrem Tally, Quentin, Tally
Clarice Finch
Donny Cole, Lance Carter, Wade Britten
Shelly Ridley, Tamara Naylor
Tracey Boggs, Tracy Boggs
Jimmy, Vern Collins
3 Episodes (2006-2006)
Chris Pastory, Sidney Wallace
Cynthia Maynard, Maggie, Vidalia Purdy
Andy White, David Monroe
Curt Breynard, Tommy Haskell
Father DeMarco
DA Dutton, DA Sutton
Corbin Bernsen
Frank Cole
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Carl Buford, Frank
Doug Savant
Scott LaPeer
George C. Scott
Judge Barton Walker
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Tommy Ammons
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Nedda Losey
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Tom Harward
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Kerry Madigan
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Jerry, Melvin Springer
Josh Lucas
Todd Walker
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Peter Fonda
Marcantony Appfel
Richard T. Jones
Donald Muir
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Dan Loomis, Tucker
Geli Bendl
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Arvin Allenby
Wealthy Woman
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Georgie Sparkman
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Dwight Foster, Emory Tanner
Dennis Cantrell, William Jackson
Renee Jones
Candace Sloan, Topaz
Clay Wilson, Ramsey Morgan
Tammy Townsend
Chelsea Clark
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Ellen Shore, Mrs. Johnson
Todd Walker
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Emily Trundel
Larry Wheeler, Roger Selworth
Buddy, Rusty Connors
Mac, Mac Rogers
John Ryan
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Burrows, Ed Quinn
Challen Cates
Jennifer, Winnie
Chauffeur, Martin
Claude Dews, Melvin
Nathaniel Crenshaw, Tyler
Red Cahill, Tolliver
Raintree, Willie Stevens
Ralph, Walt Mallory
Trina Mallin
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Abel Dent, Tom Retson
Bar Owner, Frances
Phil Allwood
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Ace McCabe, Jenkins
Cicely Patterson
J.W., Roy Chandler
Daryl, Tommy Speirs
Daphne, Faith Todd
Judge Whitely, Judge Whitley
Atticus, Atticus Paul
Donnelly, Osborne
Eve Maffy, Mrs. Collins
Mrs. Barrett, Mrs. Hawthorne
Chief McCauley, Cyrus Chambers
Lyle Ridley
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Marlene Habersham, Rebecca Ballard
Cliff Rankin, Tucker Carnes
2 Episodes (2006-2006)
Angela Dolphy
Richard Pooley
Li'l Calvin
Lowell Kessler
Ronny Griff
Carmen Wormlee
Maybelle Chesboro
Gun-Store Clerk
Warren Moseley
Hubie Meredith
Calvin Peterson
Sheriff Monroe
Rebecca Lewis
Jerry Stiller
Rabbi Hillel Feldman
John Sevrance
Dr. Langley Phillips
Charlotte Sinclaire
Brian Moseley
Cassie Chapin
Tom McCauley
Judge Lawton Gray
Skip Coopersmith
Ardice Talbott
Jeanette Marshall
Muriel Gray
Irene Chambers
Martha Byrne
Lizbeth Hagen
J.D. Sinclaire
George Brownlow
Prosper Hoag
Waylon Davis
Dr. Vance Talbott
David Collins
Rosalynn Douglass
Georgia Farren
Stephen Root
Raymond Mercer
Cowboy Habersham
T.K. Hendricks
Matt Skinner
Nana Visitor
Evie Summers
Alice Tanner
Ned Conklin
Kevin `Cat' Brooks
Horace Sloan
Agent Barriman
Bobby Johnson
Capt. Pruitt
Andy Summers
Rev. Kincaid
Lorie Foster
Jimmy Dillard
Evan Winslow
Earle Rogerson
Brother Paul
Susan Lawrence
Cindy Jenk
Darrell Meecham
Connie Meacham
Patty Bowden
Millie Barnett
Doc Borden
Lance Bosworth
R.J. Kincaide
Tracy Cole
1 Episode (2006)
Clarence Thompson
Arthur Powell
Todd Carver
Harley Eaton
Skip Jensen
Odessa Robbins
Jimmy Ray
Mrs. Sherman
Mary Ellen Lasso
Earle Colmer Jr.
Grant Woodlin
Herbie Marr
Lucinda Brooks
Vera Gilliam
Candice Riley
Mrs. Tolliver
Nadine Tucker
Shelly Hughes
Becky Darnell
Elliott Gardner
Heather Tanner
Carlos Salazar
Gail Henderson
Rachel Pilgrim
Carl Naylor
Lewis Moseley
Marge Winthrop
Miss Reynolds
Eleanor Brooks
Lydia Caton
Mimi Kincaide
Bernard Stiles
Lester Meacham
Tony Bressak
Miss Elnora
Eddy Burnham
Al Bosworth
Sharon Phillips
Cleve Rumford
Eli Chambers
Del Mueller
Dahlia Corbin
Jaycee Morell
Linda Ainslee
Perry Meacham
Tolliver Morgan
Amanda Chambers
Laine Paxton
Mrs. Lawrence
Jack Whalen
Carl DeLissa
1 Episode (2006)

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