The 'Maude' spin-off about a black family living in a Chicago housing project mined poverty, racism, inner-city woes and single-parent homes for humor, with varying degrees of success. J.J.'s enthusiastic 'dyn-o-mite!' became the show's catchphrase, and the series, created under Norman Lear's guidance, was a popular destination for viewers in the 1970s.

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Guest Stars

Neighbor, Wanda
Grandpa Evans, Henry
Anderson, Pearson
Parker, Taylor
Eddie, Sweet Pea
Mrs. Bookman, Violet
Fiancee, Lena
Barmaid, Woman
Cousin Raymond
Frank Mitchell
J.J.'s Girlfriend
Mrs. Robinson
Officer Giles
Tyrone Tyler
Old Lady
Second Painter
Reverend Gordon
Florida's Cousin
James' Father