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Fringe Episode Recap: "There's More Than One of Everything" Season 1, Episode 20

Fasten your seat belts, Fringe fans, because Tuesday's season finale had lots of revelations, but none more shocking that this: Season 2 will probably take place in two different dimensions! Just as Lost recently announced itself as a show fundamentally about time travel, "There's More Than One of Everything" floated the idea that "the pattern" has all been in service of a singular goal: crossing over to an alternate reality.

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The Road Not Taken Season 1, Episode 19

The investigation of a suspected case of spontaneous combustion coincides with Olivia's detailed but inexplicable visions, Walter's focus on the ZFT manifesto and a potentially pivotal revelation from Peter. read more

Midnight Season 1, Episode 18

When a serial killer is draining victims of spinal fluid, the investigation by Olivia, Peter and Walter leads to a scientist who may be linked to a ZFT cell of bioterrorists. read more

Bad Dreams Season 1, Episode 17

An actual suicide at New York City's Grand Central station is witnessed by Olivia---in Boston---in a dream, kicking off a baffling series of nightmares that may be linked to the ZFT manifesto, the drug Cortexiphan and her own childhood. Written and directed by Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman ("A Beautiful Mind"). read more

Unleashed Season 1, Episode 16

An animal-rights organization's rescue mission at a laboratory backfires when it releases a vicious beast, almost mythological in appearance with a lion's body and eagle's talons, and Charlie is in danger of being its latest victim. read more

Inner Child Season 1, Episode 15

Olivia establishes a silent bond with a mute child who has been living under a building targeted for demolition, and their connection coincides with the reappearance of a serial killer who is known for macabre public displays of his deadly deeds. read more

Ability Season 1, Episode 14

While the Division is flummoxed by a mysterious toxin that is killing people by making their facial features disappear, German authorities want to know all about Olivia's contact with escaped convict David Robert Jones, who has relocated to the U.S. read more

The Transformation Season 1, Episode 13

The investigation of another airborne disaster yields evidence of a strange virus, but Olivia and Peter must go undercover to determine the scope of danger presented by this new threat. read more

The No-Brainer Season 1, Episode 12

A series of particularly gruesome murders across the country lead Walter to determine that the killer is turning the victims' brains into liquid, but solving the case has a special urgency for Olivia, who fears for the welfare of a loved one. read more

Bound Season 1, Episode 11

A visit from Olivia's sister (Ari Graynor) and a formal review of the Fringe Division coincide with the investigation of the murder of a famous scientist, which may have something to do with Olivia's recent abduction. read more

Fringe Episode Recap: "Copy Panel" Season 1, Episode 10

Olivia, Peter and Walter investigate a string of bank robberies where the baddies walked through vault walls to get to specific safe deposit boxes. We also found out that Walter may be connected to these robbers, as is the infamous Mr. Jones from a few episodes back. In other news, Olivia got drunk in order to score some intel and Peter likes card tricks. read more

Fringe Episode Recap: "Dreamscapes" Season 1, Episode 9

A man is murdered by what we think are killer butterflies, (no really) at Massive Dynamic and Peter, Walter and Olivia discover a bizarre cause of death. Olivia returns to and becomes addicted to the dunk tank; there, she can access John's memories to help solve the man's death. Peter's former girlfriend returns to warn him about people who want to "hurt him." Nina continues to be shady, and Broyles protects her. And this week, Walter is obsessed with coffee yogurt, and gets an erection. What a ride! read more

Fringe Episode Recap: "The Equation" Season 1, Episode 8

Walter goes home again, or at least to St. Claire's asylum, this week to help solve a kidnapping case. The boy who was taken, as well as several others in the Fringe files, was a prodigy, and the people responsible for the kidnapping him used red and green flashing lights to distract and hypnotize their victims. Walter doesn't remember the details, but he's heard of this phenomena before. He, along with Peter and Olivia, must find those behind the kidnapping before the boy is driven mad, or killed. In other news, Olivia eats a doughnut (she is human!), Walter calls Astrid "lady" and drops his food obsession this week... read more

Fringe Episode Recap: "In Which We Met Mr. Jones" Season 1, Episode 7

"The Pattern" conspiracy became more widespread this week as Agent Broyles revealed that it contains numerous funded cells that trade science instead of drugs or money. One of these , ZFT is suspected as the culprit behind infecting an agent with a large parasite that attaches to his heart. Olivia travels to Frankfurt to find answers, and meets up with a"friend" from her past, while Peter and Walter try to study the creature back at the lab. The problem is that the one person who may have answers is unattainable. Does the gang save the infected agent, and who is behind the group ZFT? Read the recap after the jump! read more

Fringe Episode Recap: "The Cure" Season 1, Episode 6

This week a new (not dead) character from Olivia's childhood causes her to have major angst (and cranky pants) while she, Walter and Peter investigate the gory death of a woman whose head explodes in a diner (after killing the other patrons with strong levels of radiation). Also, Peter and Nina meet and strike a bargain while Broyles and Olivia butt heads over emotional involvement in cases. In other news, Walter's third favorite flower is Hyacinth and he craves blue cotton candy. On to the show...

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Fringe Episode Recap: "Power Hungry" Season 1, Episode 5

A shocking character returns from Olivia's past and adds new layers of mystery in this week's episode, along with a "phenomenon of the week" story: a man who can harness the power of electricity accidentally causes mayhem, death and destruction everywhere he goes. Olivia, Peter and Walter try to figure out which one of Walter's secret experiments in the '70s could have caused this condition, and try to stop the man before he kills anyone else. In other news, Broyles brings Olivia a latte. Does this mean he's over himself now? Stay tuned.

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"Arrival" Season 1, Episode 4

A mysterious new character The Observer took center stage in tonights episode of Fringe He along with Walter was striving to protect the whereabouts of a strange and powerful metallic cylinder from falling into the wrong hands Could this Observer prove to be the key to the pattern Also Olivia gets a shocking visit from someone from her past Are all of these events connected What is the newest piece to the pattern Read now and weigh inWe begin the episode Arrival in a diner in Brooklyn NY as if there was any other Brooklyn A waitress takes the order of a very rigid and creepy bald guy clad in a black suit He looks like a g-man out of a comic book He flips open a stopwatch and binoculars and stares out the window at a large construction site He writes in journal but it looks like gibberish boy is he super creepy Suddenly the construction site explodes a crane collapses and everyone starts running for the hills except for bald guy He looks read more

“Ghost Network” Season 1, Episode 3

Ghost Network explores a world of untapped radio-like waves that can communicate information to other people without them even knowing it through visions Once again Massive Dynamics scientific expertise and experimentation plays a large roll in the case that Olivia and Peter investigate this week but the biggest twist at the end will affect the characters in a much more personal way Now onto the showA man walks into a church wait that sounds like a bad joke Lets try this again The third episode of Fringe begins with a mysterious man taking confession in an empty St Annes Cathedral Hes clearly upset by frightening visions hes having The priest keeps asking mystery man if hes hurt someone Intercut with this exchange is a man on a bus full of happy normal people who puts on a gas mask and grabs a back pack from another passenger before releasing a vapor that kills everyone on board by freezing them into place Back at the church the myste read more

"The Same Old Story" Season 1, Episode 2

After recovering from last weeks pilot which laid out a government and corporate conspiracy relating to a series of events called The Pattern were introduced to a much more procedural episode of Fringe Walter who now lives with Peter and Olivia investigate the strange death of a woman who gave birth to an unusual baby How did this child come to be And how are Walters former experiments involved in the equation and in a new revelation about Peter Most of the comments last week suggested viewers liked the pilot or at least were willing to give it another shot Well this is your other shot Fringe I actually saw a screening of this episode at the New York Television Festival moderated by our own Mickey OConnor and I liked it better than the pilot It had really cool special effects awesome Walter-isms and actual chemistry forming between Olivia and Peter We also got to delve more into the connections between Walter Nina Sharp Massive Dynamic and the govern read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

In the pilot episode, an FBI agent recruits a brilliant but incarcerated scientist (John Noble) and his estranged, sharp-witted son (Joshua Jackson) to investigate an airborne tragedy that may harbinger a trend of increasingly unsettling phenomena. The executive producers include J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. read more

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Premise: A drama with sci-fi elements following the FBI probe of mysterious deaths aboard an airplane that landed at Boston's Logan Airport. But the deaths aboard Flight 627 are only the beginning of the story. Executive producers include J.J. Abrams ('Lost') and his 'Mission: Impossible III' co-screenwriters, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.



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