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The Flying Nun

A petite young nun has a habit of flying, thanks to a wide-winged cornet that gets her aloft in strong winds. When Sister Bertrille isn't in the air, she's at the Convent San Tanco in Puerto Rico. Cocreator Harry Ackerman must have liked star Sally Field-- (more…)

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You Can't Get There from Here Season 1, Episode 30 Paid

Sister Bertrille plummets to a jungle island when the wind drops, her cornette limp and torn. She is frightened by a naked footprint and meets Carlos Ramirez. Swearing revenge, he reports that April Chance, resenting his advances, threw him off his yacht. With Carlos mostly a hindrance, Sister Bertrille uses $100 bills for tinder, sets a signal fire and cooks fish. As each sets out to find fresh water, Sister Bertrille is petrified by a mud-covered creature emerging from a tide pool, who proves to be April Chance. Sister Bertrille knows she must keep her away from Carlos, especially when she learns the yacht sank. Carlos patches up the cornette but it's too limp to fly. He greases himself with sap for a swim to the next island, attracting clouds of flies. Sister Bertrille starches her cornette into flying condition with coconut milk. Then April and Carlos meet and epithets and missiles start flying. Sister Bertrille, mired in quicksand, refuses rescue unless they make up. She is almost under when they forgive each other and Carlos remembers insurance will cover the yacht. Putting Carlos on his honor, Sister Bertrille takes off for the convent. As he reaches for April, Sister Bertrille scolds him from the sky.

Love Me, Love My Dog Season 1, Episode 29 Paid

During a convent picnic, Raffles, a dog, runs off with a purse. His master, the Gypsy, is hauled to jail. Raffles joins the picnic and coaxes shy little Jamie into the games. No pets are allowed at San Tanco, but Sister Bertrille lets Raffles follow them home. Mother Superior makes a temporary exception when she sees Raffles winning over Jamie. The dog, trained to fetch, retrieves a ball, and another purse. Jamie and Sister Bertrille can't reform Raffles. Sister Bertrille and Sister Jacqueline set out to return Raffles' big haul -- six purses. The car gets a flat tire and they panic at Officer Peralta's approach. Later, he can't explain the six purses in his squad car to his sergeant. Mother Superior decides Raffles must go to the pound if his owner doesn't respond to a "Lost Dog" ad. The Gypsy bids farewell to his cellmate, the Earl, and takes the paper with the ads. The Sisters spray purses with dog repellent, but Raffles lifts Monsignor Houk's wallet. Sister Bertrille prepares to take him to the pound, first flying up to return the Monsignor's wallet. The Gypsy finds the Sisters' ad, but Raffles is gone. Carmelita reports Jamie gone too. Sister Bertrille finds them and Raffles is reunited with his master. Later, Sister Bertrille reports the Gypsy has a good job and Raffles hasn't touched a purse or wallet in weeks. Then she finds a pile of hubcaps in the car.

May the Wind Be Always At Your Back Season 1, Episode 28 Paid

As a prize for the best students, Carlos Ramirez invites Bridgett Faulkner and Joel Bascomb to dinner. Bridgett, 15, aware of being homely, refuses and bucktoothed Joel, 13, follows her example, but Sister Bertrille persuades them to go. At the restaurant, Carlos teaches Bridgett to dance. When Bridgett compares herself to beautiful Candy Cain, Carlos tells her Candy was once an unhappy, skinny teenager. Bridgett, who came from Ireland with her fisherman father, tells Carlos he loved to dance. She pronounces the Irish blessing "...May the wind be always at your back..." Touched, Carlos kisses her hand. Infatuated, Bridgett tries to improve her looks with mudpacks and ironed hair. Worried when Bridgett neglects a paper needed for a scholarship, Joel reports to Sister Bertrille. She asks Carlos to explain things to Bridgett. Emulating Candy, Bridgett arrives to lunch with Carlos in high heels and mini skirt. When Candy appears, Bridgett feels Carlos only pitied her. Sister Bertrille discusses Bridgett's unhappiness with Mother Superior. Bridgett feels Joel betrayed her. Joel wants Bridgett to get the scholarship, hoping to join her later. He follows Sister Bertrille's suggestion and offers Bridgett a shell, telling her how he feels about her. Breaking in on Carlos' date with Candy, Sister Bertrille persuades him to give a party. Bridgett, suddenly mature, reaches an understanding with Carlos. Joel, enjoying his dance with Janet, Carlos' niece, closes his eyes and crashes into the drums. Later, as Bridgett leaves for college, everyone sends her off with the Irish blessing.

The Puce Alert Season 1, Episode 27 Paid

Although Carlos Ramirez is on maneuvers with the Marine Corps Reserve, he doesn't change his style of living with steaks, champagne and pretty girls. The tough commanding officer, Captain Dolger, learns Ginger, the pretty redhead, slipped through security on Carlos' yacht and makes plans to court-martial him. Carlos finds that the Captain and Mother Superior are old friends and sends an SOS to Sr. Bertrille. Mother Superior reluctantly allows her to go to Carlos' aid. Her approach is tracked by radar and she is fired upon, but fortunately with blank ammunition. Somewhat shaken, Sr. Bertrille talks to Carlos but is discovered by the Captain. He can't believe she flew over and thinks she is working with Headquarters to test his outfit's security. Although Mother Superior confirms Sr. Bertrille's story, the Captain still thinks it's a plot and asks Sr. Bertrille to fly, but she can't, there is no wind. The opposing Aggressor's landing craft is sighted and the Captain hurries to action. Carlos insists Sr. Bertrille escape. She goes aloft, spots another Aggressor force approaching from another direction and alerts Carlos. The Captain doesn't believe Carlos but is convinced when he spots Sr. Bertrille soaring overhead. He deploys four units who capture the Aggressors. The maneuvers successfully concluded, the Captain is shattered to find one of Carlos' girl friends in an Aggressor uniform.