The world's population sees into the future when everyone blacks out for two minutes and 17 seconds at the same time. The clairvoyant episode staggers the minds of all, as in many instances their futures are not what they expected---and some, it seems, have no future at all. While many recount their experiences on a worldwide Web site, others seek to circumvent their fates; and some, like FBI agent Mark Benford, seek to learn what caused the mass blackout.


Joseph Fiennes Mark Benford
John Cho Demetri Noh
Jack Davenport Lloyd Simcoe
Zachary Knighton Bryce Varley
Peyton List Nicole Kirby
Brian F. O'Byrne Aaron Stark
Courtney B. Vance Stanford Wedeck
Sonya Walger Olivia Benford
Christine Woods Janis Hawk