A pale remake of the 1966-71 sitcom kept the Manhattan location and premise of the original (a bachelor raising his nephew and two nieces), but failed to capture its charm.

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Guest Stars

Alexandra Krosney
3 Episodes (2003-2003)
Jamie Donnelly
Margaret, Mrs. McWhirter
3 Episodes (2002-2003)
Jane Carr
Mrs. Bateman
1 Episode (2002)
Julie Brown
Ms. Robbins
1 Episode (2002)
Thomas Dekker
1 Episode (2002)
Allen Williams
Ambassador Aldays
1 Episode (2002)
Cody Kasch
1 Episode (2003)
Pete Leal
Mr. Garcia
1 Episode (2002)
John Whitaker
Kevin McNaughton
1 Episode (2002)