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Season Finale: The Chicago Way Season 14, Episode 19

The scheduling conflict continues tonight but I would love to hear your thoughts about tonights finaleAs the 14th season comes to a close guest star Steve Buscemi wreaks havoc on the ER and Luka finally confronts Moretti read more

Tandem Repeats Season 14, Episode 18

Neela feels the strain when her patient (Aida Turturro) requires yet another follow-up surgery; Morris meets with a shrink after his run-in with thieves; and a new opportunity means a tough decision for Abby. read more

Under Pressure Season 14, Episode 17

Pratt attempts to save his relationship with a wary Bettina. Elsewhere, Neela discovers her patients are criminals, and Abby frets over signs that Kovac has given up on their marriage. Josh Stewart guest stars. read more

Truth Will Out Season 14, Episode 16

Kovac---who's returned to Chicago looking for hospice-care work---is significantly impacted by an upbeat terminal-cancer patient (Hal Holbrook). At County, Neela discovers her aorta surgery has caused an infection in her patient (Aida Turturro). Meanwhile, Abby treats a beaten Korean teen; and Brenner (David Lyons) continues to rattle the ER staffers. read more

As the Day She Was Born Season 14, Episode 15

While much of the focus tonight was on Neela it seemed like almost everyone at County was dealing with some sort of personal or professional crisis Lets start with Neela walking around the ER naked No great surprise that this was a dream that reflected her own insecurities about her birthday her decisions and her life in general Unfortunately both Harold and Tony were on the receiving end of her bad day When Harold came clean about his decision to change specialties Neela went straight from surprised to unsupportive to downright bullying the poor kid Next up for a haranguing was Tony While she did make some valid points about his tendency to jump from relationship to relationship she was pretty tough on him and somewhat hypocritical given her personal track record with men I loved that Dubenko was the one who set her straight in the end reminding her of the unique talents she possesses and offering the saddest and most inedible birthday confection Ive ever seen read more

Owner of a Broken Heart Season 14, Episode 14

Its been too long my fellow ER fans But we are back now and with the recent announcement of a fifteenth and final season Id say we have much to look forward to While the strike was a big blow to a lot of shows I think it was a mixed blessing in the case of ER Had this season been allowed to play out as expected our beloved staff of County General may very well have limped to the finish line and quietly gone out with a whimper This landmark show simply deserves better than that and the abbreviated season seemed to ensure that the planned story lines and possible return engagements would carry over to next season allowing the dedicated fans some closureThe more things change at County the more they stay the same Since the earliest days of Doug and Carol the doctors and nurses have been mixing it up and now we can add Tony and Sam to the list As they awkwardly dealt with the aftermath of their kiss and Sam learned that Tony and Julia had broken up they also h read more

Atonement Season 14, Episode 13

Teamwork takes on a new meaning for Neela as her sojourn in Ortho turns into a contact sport. Pratt hesitates when Bettina tries to move their relationship forward. Sam and Gates lock horns over work while Julia tries to allay a prison doctor's guilty conscience. read more

Believe the Unseen Season 14, Episode 12

It felt like much too long that we were watching Abbys downward spiral So tonights redemption episodedoctor makes a difficult and rare diagnosis and saves child thereby saving themselvesprovided a fitting if somewhat contrived resolution I am happy to see our Abby back at the hospital and returning to her old self It was also good to see her making amends with Pratt and especially Neela I am not quite sure what the heck was up with Sams reaction to Abbys admission I would have expected less judgment from someone like Sam who has certainly made her fair share of bad choices But then ER wouldnt be ER without a little drama right There was no shortage of drama tonight with the various cases Abbys story of the little girl with the rare eye disorder was a good one and I liked that the firefighters were able to vindicate her at the end The woman who played her foster mother looked so familiar to me but I couldn read more

Status Quo Season 14, Episode 11

Happy New Year ER fans Welcome to the remaining episodes before our favorite hospital east of the Rockies shuts its doors with a bad case of writers strike Luckily tonights episode was a great one that reminded me again of why I love this show When Haleh has that get-together at her place to celebrate the good old days I want an invitation I think my fourteen years of loyal viewership has earned me that much dont you Doug and Carols twins are in third grade Carter may be coming for a visit in the spring How great was it that the brief and unfortunately sad return of Jeanie Boulet precipitated such an unexpected trip down memory lane Call me ridiculous deluded and sentimental but I love the idea that Doug and Carol really are blissfully ensconced in Seattle with their daughters sending periodic pictures to the nurses at County General As weve talked about before one of my favorite things about ER is the enduring history of these ch read more

300 Patients Season 14, Episode 10

As we celebrated the landmark 300th outing of ER tonight with a rare episode directed by series executive producer John Wells I was thrilled to see the powerhouse acting of Maura Tierney and Goran Visnjic as the centerpiece of the episode For those of us who have been fans since that very first episode 14 years ago is that even possible it is gratifying to see this show still telling compelling heartfelt stories about characters that we care about I havent always liked where the story went but Ive certainly enjoyed the ride Thank God Abby finally came clean to Luka I honestly didnt think I was going to be able to take much more of relapse Abby and I was so relieved that all the secrets and lies were out on the table There are a million things I could say about the unfortunate timing of Abbys disclosure in the wake of Lukas loss but my complaint would be mostly about the acrobatics that the writers have had to perform to work aro read more

Skye's the Limit Season 14, Episode 9

Theres a new chief in townagain And apparently shes just as horny as the last one I love that Lucien happened to be the beneficiary of Wexlers love the one youre with approach to relationships though I dont think that will end up satisfying him emotionally in the long run Despite some light moments in this episode directed by the former Dr Watch out for that helicopter Romano Paul McCrane there was some heavy stuff going on tonight Wexlers first night in her new job brought a tragic case of a misunderstanding gone terribly wrong The bigoted sons misguided attempt at revenge over his fathers life-altering injury went awry and resulted in the murder of the Hispanic womans son Meanwhile Pratt found himself at a career crossroads as he began to doubt his future at County and Tony juggled the demands of his own parenting adventures while handling the case of an injured boy and his emotionally-detached read more

"Coming Home" Season 14, Episode 8

I dont know about all of you but as tonights episode started I was still reeling from last weeks gut-wrenching exploration of Abbys dark night of the soul So when I saw Luka come around that corner I practically cried tears of joy But my happiness like Abbys was short-lived as it became obvious that the repercussions of her drunken mistake have yet to fully play out I agree with those of you who continue to post about Maura Tierneys amazing consistently compelling performance After watching her give another bravura turn tonight under the direction of ER vet Laura Innes I have to say that it would be criminal for her to be overlooked again come awards time Unfortunately it seems that the shows buzz-worthiness has long since worn off a fact that keeps it off the radar of most Emmy voters Though it should be noted guest stars are regularly rewarded for their ER efforts so it appears someone is taking notice Back to the ac read more

"Blackout" Season 14, Episode 7

I still remember when Mark Greene and Doug Ross were running the place Me too Chuny Me too What a nice shout-out to the long and storied history of our beloved ER I do love the episodes that allow the cast to interact outside the workplace Not only did we learn that Chunys real name is Ethyl who would have guessed but we also got to see the chemistry between Dubenko and Neela on full display Pratt exercising his newly legit attending muscles and sadly Abby falling even further into the abyss of her alcoholism while still proving what excellent instincts she has as a doctor Witnessing Abbys disintegration was really painful especially for those of us who have seen this character turn her life around over the past few years I know that the writers had to work around the absence of Goran Visnjic in some way but I really wish Abbys character hadnt taken such a hit It is most certainly a credit to Maura Tierney that my reaction to toni read more

"The Test" Season 14, Episode 6

This was definitely one of the tougher episodes in recent memory especially being the mother of a son Watching Gates brave young patient succumb to his terminal respiratory disease was almost too much to bear The scene with the chaplain and the mother watching his struggle for each breath was heartbreaking made even more so by the courage and conviction the boy demonstrated by making the decision not to go on a ventilator On a much more lighthearted note I felt like there was a lot of chemistry between Sam and Gates as they butted heads over the ethical handling of the case Ive said it before but I really feel like a Sam-Tony pairing would be an interesting place to go especially when you think about the kids and the connection they would have there Come on ER writers throw me a boneAs Pratt and Morris opted for a rather nontraditional approach to preparing for their board exams a new attending came on the scene I loved Kari Matchett on both Invasion and St read more

Under the Influence Season 14, Episode 5

As Morris prepares to take his written board exams, the staff tries to uncover details about Neela's surprising new intern. Meanwhile, Kovac's obligations to his family in Croatia leave Abby feeling the burden of single parenthood; and Moretti, pleased with Gates' performance in the ICU, reassigns him to the ER. read more

Gravity Season 14, Episode 4

Staff members receive makeovers when a former patient returns doling out beauty treatments. Elsewhere, baby Joe is admitted to County after a serious spill at the playground; and Pratt realizes his efforts to defend his brother are not helping. read more

Officer Down Season 14, Episode 3

Abby and a distracted Morris work to save two officers shot when interrupting a carjacking; Sarah pays a surprise visit to Tony, who realizes she has run away from her grandparents; and Dubenko drops by while Neela babysits Joe, and he's ready to discuss his feelings---and their kiss. read more

In a Different Light Season 14, Episode 2

The docs continue to dislike Moretti and his changes to the ER. Meanwhile, a recovering Neela wants to be discharged and get back to work; Sam and Morris work on car-accident victims who have a surprising reason for traveling together; and Abby discovers her patient's stomachache is just the beginning of his problem. read more

The War Comes Home Season 14, Episode 1

As the 14th season begins, new ER chief Dr. Moretti has his hands full with a staff that does not appreciate his objective management philosophy, especially when Neela arrives among those injured at an antiwar rally and Moretti forces her colleagues to concentrate on their other patients, despite their impulse to rally around her. Frustrated, Gates manhandles a patient he suspects set off the explosion that disrupted the protest. read more

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Premise: The riveting medical drama that redefined the genre for the 1990s and into the 21st century. Created by author Michael Crichton and set in a Chicago ER, the series chronicles the lives of its harried staff in staccato, realistic scenes of lives saved and lost. The all-time champ for Emmy nominations among dramas (108),`ER' topped the ratings charts shortly after its premiere, and has remained a top-rated show (and an anchor of NBC's vaunted Thursday Must-See TV lineup) ever since.



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