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"The Cannes Kids" Season 4, Episode 12

My name is Matt Mitovich and it is my pleasure to be guest-blogging the season finale of Entourage because well this show represents the dream baby Outside of sports its perhaps the best TV-candy for menIt was a real seesaw tonight as the boys entertained big offers from people they had little interest in doing business with and little offers from bigger fish with better distribution In the end they were forced to take the absolute littlest offer Harveys singular dollar and while that was a bit sad I prefer that finale to a truly happy 75-million outcome It was somewhat validating to see Medellin actually pegged as the crap it appeared to be in the fleeting glimpses we got over the past season To have had the Cannes crowd come forth unified and proclaim Vince sporting bad prosthetics and worse acting to be the bees knees would have been very tough to swallowIts funny In his TVGuidecom QA earlier this week Adam Goldberg teased that moneyma read more

"No Cannes Do" Season 4, Episode 11

For once I am on the same page as Turtle I too am terrified to fly and I also make myself crazy by doing impromptu profiling as I wait for my flight Nuns and children make me feel safer pretty much anyone traveling alone raises my suspicions But I admire Johnnys pragmatic approach not taking sedatives so that you can effectively fight back if needed And if anything could get me over my flying issues Im sure it would be a first-class ride on Kanye Wests private jet Thats what I call living the dreamTonights episode provided several laugh-out-loud moments This is the Entourage that I always enjoy the one that features Sydney Pollack in the same episode as Sam Nazarian and offers lines like Were at code red every time the president has a loose stool Though I would have enjoyed that more if I hadnt heard it in the promos all week Erics ongoing relationship with his clush Anna took a wrong tur read more

"Snow Job" Season 4, Episode 10

As I prepared to wrap up my marathon evening of blogging tonight I was especially cranky Like Dana Gordon cranky Thankfully for me Entourage delivered a slam dunk with an episode that was fast-paced funny and well crafted With only two episodes left I hope they keep it up Eric officially joined the ranks of the grown-up world of managers tonight when he had to grapple with a distracted client her narcissistic and slightly crazy boyfriend and no cell reception Hello Eric welcome to Hollywood Whats your dream Meanwhile back in the land of the living Billy Walsh delivered a script that bore no resemblance to the book on which it was supposedly based and Ari had to go into troubleshooting mode Two things I knew going in Vince was going to love the script and Turtle would fall asleep during his Eric impersonation Johnny delivering on the gourmet snacks was just a bonus As Ive said before I really enjoy Billy Walsh in small doses and tonight was just enough read more

The Young and the Stoned Season 4, Episode 9

If anyone ever decides to make the definitive Courtney Love biopic they need to hire Anna Faris for the lead With her platinum blonde hair and slightly slurry way of speaking she is very reminiscent of the multi-hyphenate performer Maybe Eric can broker that deal for Anna as her new manager And maybe someone can finagle me a cut for my excellent casting suggestionWhile Eric was busy turning a fender bender into a career opportunity Mrs Ari was reinvigorating her soap opera career As Kendall Scott town slut her kiss with her dreamy costar was too much for Ari to bear Apparently our favorite power agent prefers his woman home tending to the kids and his every whim I love that they have given Perrey Reeves so much more to do this season because she is such a good foil for Jeremy Piven Interested in hearing more from everyones favorite trophy wife Click hereWhile Turtle tended to the business of setting up house Vince enticed him with some exceptionally good read more

"Gary's Desk" Season 4, Episode 8

This season has been a real roller-coaster ride in terms of quality but tonights episode was most definitely a high point in my book First we had Gary Busey using Johnny Drama as his body art canvas Next Mary J Blige stopped in for her annual Make-Me-Understand-What-I-Pay-You-For meeting And finally Peter Jackson offered Eric a glimpse of legitimacy as Vinces representation All of these storylines were funny and entertaining and reminiscent of what Ive always liked best about this show how these four childhood friends navigate the ins and outs of HollywoodI dont know if Gary Busey is as crazy as his public persona would have you believe but he was pure lunacy tonight as he introduced Drama to the high art of body painting Meanwhile Ari prepped for his meeting with Mary J Blige while mediating the sibling rivalry between identical twin agents Naturally Mary J was the only one who could tell which was which and she happened to like the read more

"The Day F***ers" Season 4, Episode 7

A good book a cup of tea and a nice long hug According to Drama thats all Eric needs in the romance department However in the wake of learning that Sloane was off the market Mr Sensitivity decided to turn over a new leaf prodded by the bet between Johnny and Vince The British imports who Eric and Vince met at the hotel pool were more than willing to offer whatever sexual healing was required Even Turtles chances were looking good until he realized that his Internet fantasy girl was into an entirely different kind of cuddling Who would have thought that theres a limit to what Turtle will do for sex and money Johnny frustrated with his betting partner was more than happy to step in and helpWe were also treated to a different more sensitive Ari Gold tonight as he tearfully pleaded his sons case to the headmaster played by none other than the voice of Homer Simpson himself Dan Castellaneta This after he treated the man to a barrage o read more

"The WeHo Ho" Season 4, Episode 6

Before we start tonight congrats are in order Emmy nominations were announced this week and in addition to Entourages nomination for best comedy Jeremy Piven and Kevin Dillon were nominated in the best-supporting-actor category Way to go boysTonights episode left me kind of cold as once again Turtle and Drama went off to deal with some nonsensical situation This time it involved Turtles cousin Ronnie and a sports auction and Eric and Vince disagreed over Vinces next project For all the Billy Walsh haters I am quickly becoming one of them by the way it looks like he will be sticking around to direct Vinces next film though Eric is taking a pass on the producing gig I do need someone to explain to me how to differentiate between Eric the producer from Eric the managerWhile Eric and Vince tended to their oddly interdependent relationship Ari tried to help Lloyd mend his broken heart Naturally being Ari his motivations were purely selfish and hi read more

"The Dream Team" Season 4, Episode 5

It looks like we have not seen the last of the artistic triumvirate behind Medellin Tonight Ari in characteristically underhanded fashioned paved the way for Vince to reunite with Billy Walsh and Eric for his next project This would be good news were it not for the growing animosity between little E and the apoplectic Walsh For a little guy with a Napoleonic complex Eric strikes me as someone who could certainly hold his own against a much bigger adversary that was definitely the case as the two came to blows in the middle of Barneys But when the newly tattooed Billy sporting a full-on Pablo Escobar on his back showed up at an important interview with a T-shirt reading Suits Suck I thought for sure the dinner was going to go south Thankfully for Vince and the good of the movie the two held off from killing each other I cant wait to see what happens when Ari starts negotiating with Walsh That should be someth read more

July 8, 2007: The Right Moment Season 4, Episode 4

So when exactly is the right time to tell a powerful and moderately unstable studio owner that you are going to screw him over again Is it while he is browbeating a waiter over a late-arriving salad or while hes haranguing a bartender for insisting that he order a cranberry drink Watching Eric try to come clean was certainly making me a squirm a little I had to agree with Vince that Eric looked extremely uncomfortable walking into the club dwarfed literally and figuratively by Harveys intimidating presence I have to figure that Maury Chaykins Harvey Weingard is a spoof on another intimidating and allegedly volatile Hollywood Harvey but I dont want to make any assumptions Luckily for E Harveys short temper got him escorted from the nightclub and Johnny took the opportunity to add some fuel to the fire by telling Harvey about the broken Medellin deal Somehow I dont think weve seen the last of Harvey and I have a read more

July 1, 2007: Artists and Capitalist Pigs Season 4, Episode 3

Raise your hand if you are officially sick to death of hearing about Medellin Is it just me I feel like this story line has dragged on forever with no resolution in sight It is like an anchor weighing down all the humor and fun So tonight for your consideration I offer you my top three suggestions for getting the Entourage back on trackAri Everyones favorite agent doesnt seem to have much to do lately Where is the verbal sparring with Lloyd Why isnt he hanging with the boys For me personally Jeremy Piven is 50 percent of the reason I keep tuning in week after week but I need more than just a cameo to keep me interested and no that contrived story line about his sons school does not countBilly Walsh I enjoy this character a great deal in small doses But these past few episodes he has completely dominated the action Please take it down a notch and soon Eric Kevin Connolly seems to have the market cornered on two emotions p read more

The First Cut Is the Deepest Season 4, Episode 2

Drama's obsession with his condo's orderliness makes him a less-than-gracious host for Vince's welcome-home party; Billy's peculiar nature keeps his star from seeing a first cut of “Medellin.” read more

Welcome to the Jungle Season 4, Episode 1

The fourth-season premiere is a documentary-style look at the making of “Medellin” on location in Colombia, where Eric and Billy fight over the film's schedule and the latter exhibits an unhealthy crush on Vince's costar. read more

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Premise: A young movie star from Queens lives the good life in Hollywood surrounded by his boyhood pals, who shamelessly milk the actor's fame for all it's worth. Modeled on the starstruck experiences of coexecutive producer Mark Wahlberg, this breezy satire has moments of inspiration, with the best bits usually coming from Vince's half-brother, Johnny Drama, a D-list actor, and Ari, the amoral agent whose savagely witty barbs earned Jeremy Piven a well-deserved Supporting Actor Emmy award.



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