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June 3, 2007: Colombia or Bust! Season 3, Episode 20

In the artistic spirit of Billy Walsh I thought about writing tonights blog entirely in Spanish But unfortunately I doubt I could come up with anything as remotely eloquent as Johnny Dramas parting words so I decided to stick with my native tongueNormally season finales make me nostalgic and a little depressed since I know my favorite shows wont be back for a while This is always especially true with HBO shows which tend to go on hiatus for what seems like years Oddly that was not the case with tonights Season 3 finale since the network has decided to kick off Season 4 in only two short weeks So luckily for us we wont have to wait too long to see what happens From the looks of the previews we are actually going to get to see Vince making a movie Thats a new angle for the show to explore and it looks like it could be interesting to say the least But first lets talk about the action tonight The crew was at a crossroads as t read more

May 20, 2007: The Prince and the Paupers Season 3, Episode 19

After all the network-television season finales wreaked havoc on my emotional state this past week it was nice to take it down a notch with the guys I can always count on Entourage for good mindless entertainment that doesnt shock too often anyway and doesnt require much thinking Theres something to be said for reliable mindlessness I suspect that there are a lot of guys out there who really wouldnt mind having Vincent Chases problems Sure he had to sell his house to finance his dream project but in the meantime some billionaire Middle Eastern prince is ordering him to sleep with his hot wife As Tony Sopranos dearly departed mother would say Poor you I have to say again that Im really not thrilled with the direction that the show has taken over this most recent batch of episodes I definitely have missed Debi Mazar though I suspect that the filming of this arc probably coincided with her maternity leave Shaunas lightning wit read more

May 13, 2007: Victory! Season 3, Episode 18

Way to go Johnny Drama You have outwitted the universe Who cares what the critics of the world say Sixteen million viewers cant be wrong Now we get to sit back and experience the impact of success on our favorite den mother Heres hoping that Johnny is just as neurotic when his life is on an upswing I thought this episode was cleverly framed with the boys ongoing reliance on Dramas culinary skills I loved seeing Vince and Turtle sitting at the table all set for breakfast and discussing when Johnny was going to wake up to cook for them Johnnys existential crisis at the end of the episode was a bummer but it made the good news that much sweeter when it arrived Johnnys career wasnt the only thing in turnaround tonight While Ari warned Vince and Eric off of Medellin they continued to hold out hope that the project would reignite Sometimes things just arent meant to be warned Ari Sometimes no matter how bad you read more

May 6, 2007: The King Just Left the Building Season 3, Episode 17

He would have never let this happen Damn right Vince But this is exactly what happens when you think with the lower half of your body son The depth of Aris commitment to his former client was evident in his willingness to skirt just about all the traditions of his religious heritage and risk Mrs Aris wrath to broker the Medellin deal And although it looks like the deal is dead we all know that Vince was born to play Pablo Escobar So it looks like Amanda might be out of the picture and I have to admit I wont miss her all that much Although I thought Carla Gugino did a great job in the first few episodes once she and Vince took their relationship to another level I lost interest I think it would have made for a much more intriguing story line if they had kept it strictly professional if the woman trying to sell Vince was actually immune to his charms Instead things played out like a bad clich though Amanda quickly regained t read more

April 29, 2007: You Got Got! Season 3, Episode 16

I hope you will all forgive me if I digress from the usual commentary for one moment to make an important albeit prurient observation Jeremy Piven should definitely lose the shirt more often Underneath those fitted suits and trendy ties the guys sporting some serious bod Okay now back to our regularly scheduled G-rated bloggingI have decided how I am going to make my fortune and I hope you will all support me in my endeavor I am going to self-publish a book of wisdom from the one and only Johnny Drama I know it has best-seller potential From tonights episode alone Johnny taught us that in families if one person hates someone everyone has to We also learned that the universe can be extremely vindictive in the face of success Thinking that he was in on the joke with the Pauly Shore hidden-camera show Dramas verbal assault on Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell was full of bravado and death-defying fearlessness Who else but Drama would threate read more

April 22, 2007: How Ari Got His Groove Back Season 3, Episode 15

Ladies and gentlemen tonights theme was emasculation and clearly no one was immune I was downright dazzled watching Amanda take Vince and Eric to task for their sudden change of heart over the Edith Wharton project and for blowing off her phone calls While Amanda screamed and admonished her client and his hapless manager it was clear that the balance of power has shifted Vince is quite accustomed to getting away with murder but it is obvious that Amanda is not going to be as patient and yielding as Ari Then of course there is the whole matter of sexual tension which Amanda would like to tackle head-on I am really enjoying Carla Guginos portrayal so far As an actress she has always had a bit of an edge and as Amanda its underscored by a slightly neurotic vibe that makes for an interesting dynamic I suspect that any dalliance between her and Vince could signal the demise of their working relationship Amanda has already demonstrated that she does not enjoy be read more

April 15, 2007: Ari Gold, You Are My Hero Season 3, Episode 14

In my estimation there could be no better way to wrap up a very rainy weekend than to witness the spontaneous victory dance of Ari Friend of the Gay Man Gold and his ever-loyal assistant Lloyd Sadly their glee over signing the Brad Pitt of television was short-lived as it became painfully obvious that Lloyd was going to have to offer up more than his usual administrative skills to seal the deal with the lecherous Jay Lester Will Sasso Even as Ari explained to Lloyd All great men have had to make great sacrifices at some point in their lives I knew that in the end Ari wouldnt let Lloyd take one for the team Jeremy Piven and Rex Lee have such great chemistry and play off each other so well Ive started to find myself waiting for their scenes Click here for see an interview with RexWhile Ari was busy saving his soul Turtle and Drama were discovering womens secret daytime lair the dog park Since Mom and Dad aka Vince and read more

April 8, 2007: Happy Birthday, Dear Vi-ince Season 3, Episode 13

After a tense hour with the Soprano family it was nice to decompress with the boys Not too much has changed at Casa Chase with the notable exception of Vinces representation Amanda Carla Gugino looks like she will prove to be quite a worthy adversary for Ari Speaking of Ms Gugino click here to read more about her thoughts on being one of the guys The two agents verbal sparring exemplified passive-aggressiveness at its finest Though the breakup is still fresh true to form Ari is not going to go down without a fight And breakup really is the way to characterize the awkward vibe shameless jockeying for position and downright begging that was going on between Ari and Vince It was like watching a really desperate guy try to win back an ex-girlfriend who is clearly over him Score one for Ari though Wafting Vinces dream script under his nose was a brilliant maneuver creating just enough doubt to cause Vince to vacillate about Amandas proposed Edit read more

Sorry, Ari Season 3, Episode 12

In the third-season finale, Ari takes evasive action when the Ramones project---and his future---are in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Vince taps an unlikely source to chart his career. read more

What About Bob? Season 3, Episode 11

The pitching of the Ramones project creates a rift between Ari and Bob Ryan; Vince helps Turtle in his quest for new footwear; Drama prepares to get back in front of the camera. read more

I Wanna Be Sedated Season 3, Episode 10

A big day for Turtle is missing a key ingredient; Eric stumbles upon a movie idea for Vince during a long meeting with a producer (Martin Landau); Vince's chance encounter may not be so random after all. read more

Vegas Baby, Vegas! Season 3, Episode 9

The boys look forward to R&R in Las Vegas when Vince is slated to make a promotional appearance in Sin City. read more

The Release Season 3, Episode 8

News of “Queens Boulevard”'s wide release comes as a pleasant surprise; Drama's attitude about an audition gets on everyone's nerves; Ari's desperation prompts negotiations with an old rival. read more

Strange Days Season 3, Episode 7

Ari and Terrance finally hammer out a deal on the agency; Eric has second thoughts about his love life; Vince is the next item up for bid in Sloan's charity auction. read more

Three's Company Season 3, Episode 6

Ari knows there must be a catch when Vince makes a pitch to get Drama some work; Eric fields a tempting proposition from Sloan. read more

Crash and Burn Season 3, Episode 5

Vince, Eric and Ari try to keep the “Aquaman” sequel's schedule from making waves with “Medellin”'s excitable director; Turtle mulls his future when Saigon's song becomes a hit; Ari expands his housekeeper's duties. read more

Guys and Doll Season 3, Episode 4

The newest member of Vince's posse, Dom (Domenick Lombardozzi), tells a moving story that helps Vince land a role in his dream project, “Medellin.” read more

Dominated Season 3, Episode 3

The guys are terrified when Vince embraces an old friend (Domenick Lombardozzi)---and ex-con---as one of their own; Ari panics when his daughter befriends a budding movie star. Max: Cole Petersen. read more

One Day in the Valley Season 3, Episode 2

Ari and Eric try to keep Vince in the dark when rolling blackouts in the Los Angeles area jeopardize the box-office totals for “Aquaman.” read more

Aquamom Season 3, Episode 1

Vince searches for the perfect date for the highly anticipated “Aquaman” premiere. Meanwhile, Ari deals with financial difficulties and the limits of his new office space. James Cameron and James Woods appear as themselves. read more

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Premise: A young movie star from Queens lives the good life in Hollywood surrounded by his boyhood pals, who shamelessly milk the actor's fame for all it's worth. Modeled on the starstruck experiences of coexecutive producer Mark Wahlberg, this breezy satire has moments of inspiration, with the best bits usually coming from Vince's half-brother, Johnny Drama, a D-list actor, and Ari, the amoral agent whose savagely witty barbs earned Jeremy Piven a well-deserved Supporting Actor Emmy award.



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