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Digimon: Digital Monsters

Cartoon adventure about kids who pair up with powerful digital creatures to fight evil forces.

Premiered: February 9, 2002

Rating: TV-Y7

TV Guide Rating:(48 ratings)

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Now You See It, Now You Don't Season 4, Episode 44 Jul 7, 2003 Subscription

With only 3 areas left to protect in the digital world the digi-destined must act fast to save the forest terminal. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon seem to be getting stronger but will they finally be able to defeat the Royal Knights?

Such Sweet Sorrow (Part 2) Season 3, Episode 51 Jun 8, 2002 Subscription

After trying almost everthing on the d-reaper and still not beating it Henry recieves a message from his dad telling him about a program he put in Terriermon to defeat the d-reaper Meanwhile Gallantmon fights with a mysterious being who comes oout of D-Reaper saying that he ""doesn't deserve to exsist"". Gallantmon makes a comeback and defeats this being saying its she who ""doesn't deserve to exsist"". Meanwhile MegaGargomon spins around to reverse the polarity and the d-reaper. Just when all seems to be over the d-reaper gets sucked up and devolves into nothing. Takato rescues Jeri and all the digidestined get out safely due to a wel placed bubble. However it seems the digimon are devolving too and must return to the diital world. So the kids say their final goodbyes and watch as their parteners are raised into the digital plane. Takato feels guilty about a promise he made to Guilmon until he sees a digital feild and decides to keep that promise after all.

Jeri Fights Back (Part 1) Season 3, Episode 50 Jun 8, 2002 Subscription

Takato and Guilmon biomerge to get to Henry much faster. Sakuyamon goes too. Calumon and Jeri are still trapped and Jeri tries to save a trapped Calumon who's tangled up in the D-Reaper's cables. When Rika and Takato are reunited with Henry he introduces the red card. It will allow them to stay in their mega forms long enough to defeat Mother D-Reaper. It also allows them to go into the D-Reaper's zone without being erased. Just when they're about to go Ryo shows up and helps out too. Thus with a digimodify card slash all the 4 tamers use the red card at once. When they enter the battlefield Mother D-Reaper already has agents set out for them to fight. Meanwhile at Hypnos they all devise a final plan to put the D-Reaper's menace to a stop. Also D-Reaper agents attack the city and Kazu and Kenta beat them but they wind up getting arrested by the police for unknown reasons. Ai and Mako find Impmon and are proud of his efforts to save Jeri and they wind up getting a purple D-Power thanks

D-Reaper's Feast Season 3, Episode 49 Jun 1, 2002 Subscription

Beelzemon de-digivolves into Impmon and weakly hangs on Sakuyamon's shoulder. Meanwhile Gallantmon & MegaGargomon fight more agents. In the core Jeri and Calumon struggle to get out and suddenly Jeri's clonethe J-Reaper appears. She tells Jeri that her sadness is providing the D-Reaper all the energy it needs. Then the D-Reaper attacks Jeri with a bunch of cords making her terrified with shock and this feeling not only makes the J-Reaper evolve but it makes the final enemy Mother D-Reaper appear. Everyone then withdraws from the fight to come up with a new plan because of this drastic change. Hypnos and a new guy named Johnny create magnetic bombs. Mother D-Reaper takes them out but some still survive and analyze the data. Then Shubimi leaves and tells Henry that he'll be back with something of great use. Takato and Rika's families suddenly go away because of the D-Reaper's threat and Rika's family goes to a hotel and Takato's family goes to the beach where Takato meets his cousin Kai