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December 17, 2006: "Born Free" Season 1, Episode 12

So lets talk about the title I mean how often do you get to hear Andy Williams Born free as free as the wind blows as free as the grass grows A shout-out to Michael Cuesta the writer of Dexter who also directed this episode He directed the premiere as well as two others I think hes fantastic The opening scene with Dexter standing in front of the moon and were watching him through water was a nice visual Ill assume for the sake of argument that the reader who posted in all caps that Dexter and Rudy were brothers must have read the books If it wasnt in the books and was just a hunch well then good job We finally got to unravel the mystery of how Rudy knows everything about Dexter The unveiling of the knowledge that he and Rudy were brothers was very well done The flashback showed Dexter playing hide-and-seek with his five-color nail-job mother and the dark-haired boy popping out from behind the tree unraveled slowly and precisely T read more

December 10, 2006: Truth Be Told Season 1, Episode 11

And boy is it everYowza What is there to say about this show So much is my response From LaGuerta getting the axe from Captain Tom to Angel getting the axe from his wife from the hooker getting it from the ITK to Debra too And the one getting hit the hardest is our old friend Dexter Poor guy The ITK has gotten under his skin forcing him all the way back to his earliest memory the terrible day that his mother gets the axe or in this case the chain saw They did a fantastic job unraveling the mystery on this weeks show I can hardly wait until next Sunday The lovely Christmas theme and the gifts the ITK left for Dexter and the gang were really thoughtful and so beautifully wrappedI was sad when Mariel broke Angels heart for a second time in the hospital talk about kicking a man whens hes down The look on Dexters face when he puts two and two together the teeth mark in Angels head and the fat lip on read more

December 3, 2006: Seeing Red Season 1, Episode 10

Every week I think How does this show keep getting better and better Maybe its best not to know Its the little things in life Lucky us we start with another taste of Dexters nasty flashback The blood in Room 103 triggers Dexters worse childhood memory This is the one we glimpsed a piece of during the therapy sessions Dex had with the now-dead therapist Then he is haunted by the memories when he is rifling through Pauls apartment What happened that terrible day Im not sure I want to know and after he returns to the scene of the crime I am certain I dont want to know All I know is I think I was about as shook up as Dex was Its not until Rudy comes to get his cell phone from Dexter that Rudy hands him the trigger key Dexter is struggling to figure out what kind of power tool was used to make the blood stains on the walls of 103 and Rudy suggests a chain saw In Dexs flashbacks with his read more

November 26, 2006: Father Knows Best Season 1, Episode 9

This show is so ridiculously fantastic I dont even know where to start So much happens in one episode I need a week off in between just to process it all The best line of the show How did death turn into a couples weekendLast week we met the ITK and knew he had something up his sleeve This week we get to know the ITK and hes got mad tricksLets get the minor stuff out of the way and then on to the big stuff I was totally psyched to see Angel have a bigger story line tonight All the actors here are fantastic but I really like his character Angel gained my respect even more when he told the story of his father telling him to Be an honest man Angel has kept his promise to his dad all his life Doakes was being a big jerk I dont understand why he was able to tell LaGuerta what was wrong but not Angel He forced Angel into a very difficult position After the gruesome story came out about the Haitian Military death squads I understood the actions he took bu read more

November 18, 2006: Shrink Wrap Season 1, Episode 8

AKA Is that a power drill in your pocket or are you just happy to see meLets start at the end and work our way back Memento-style Drum roll please We have a winner The good doctor is the ITK This could be interesting Hes strikingly good-looking and charming and has a well-respected job in society sound like any other serial killers Heres what I dont get The ITK actually kills his victims slices them apart and then drains their blood so why make casts of Debs legs Not that she doesnt have some lovely gams but whats he going to do with them practice He had containers of blood in the cold storage I am confused Someone please explainIn which we learn about Dexters powerlessness What the show has been missing in gory details it made up for tonight in spades 1 We had the suicide of the powerful woman We had Dexters flashback And it would appear that the something dreadful tha read more

November 12, 2006 – Dexter - "Circle of Friends" Season 1, Episode 7

The word of the day is creepyShow of hands who thinks Debra of the fine detective skills fingered the ITK Yeah me neither The day that Debra is smarter than her brother will be the coldest day around here But we must give her credit where credit is due the doctor shed kissed is hot but somehow creepy Dexter called it all along and when recognized Dexs fine detective skills I knew they had taken in the wrong man Not to say that Neil Perry wasnt completely creepy with all the stuffed roadkill in his house but just not their manRitas handling of her husband around the kids was worrying me until she showed up at his hotel doorstep and demanded he sign the divorce papers he had refused to sign in prison His acquiescence based on how firey she was and how excited that made him was creepy and certainly untrustworthy to say the least This guy has something up his sleeve The women on the show seem to be developing into fully realized chara read more

November 5, 2006 – “Return to Sender” Season 1, Episode 6

By now youve all heard the good news Dexter has been picked up for 12 new episodes coming in Spring 2007 This is a good thing considering how close Dexter came in this episode to being found out Mrs Castillo returns via the ITKWhen hes called to the scene of his crime and Mrs Castillo has been layed out in the Airstream we get to know more about how Dexter works A real pro hes called and wishes he could take it as a complimentDexter is unravelingThe ITK is getting back at Dexter for not killing the security guard A little kid is found in the trunk and when Dex climbs in to see what he can see he knows hes been watched But was it is the boy or the ITK Either way he could be discovered Dexter says the noose is tightening This is how it ends - in the hands of a seven year oldBest thing about this little boy we finally get to see a softer side of Laguerta or LT as Angel calls her And hell break her heart in the read more

October 29, 2006 Love American Style or Is That Any Way to Treat a Lady Season 1, Episode 5

Episode 5 which will go down in cable history as Dexters finest show to date This is the one where Debra Morgan grows some cahones Dexter Morgan gets back to business and the world is right again This is the one where I got it the humor the style the madness or rather lack thereof Dexter is rarely angry and certainly never seems insane Youve got to be a little nuts to live a double life especially the kind that Dexter lives But Dexter seems to enjoy it and now I do too Sgt Doakes is the one riding Debras hindquarters now Hes always been kind of nasty to Dexter but now hes taking it out on everyone else including the painfully pasty Deb I was yelling at the TV for her to let him have it Why she lets all her superiors walk all over her I cannot understand So when she finally tells him to frak off thanks BSG I was really proud of her and thought perhaps she can fill the shoes of an interesting character Of course when Mr Tu read more

October 22, 2006 – "Let’s Give the Boy a Hand," and a foot, and a leg… Season 1, Episode 4

The Ice Truck killer finds a way to get under Dexters skin and its fun to watch Dexters emotions pour or rather just drip out of himBest lines Dexter Interesting hand jobAngel Thats funnyDexter Is itIts nice to see some faces from other Showtime series Erin Daniels Dana from the L Word pops in as the girl next doorShe plays a bit much without the 145m-uFavorite part is when the kid in the costume store wearing the presidents mask turns around just as Dexter says the word 145monsterNo killing in this one just a lot of maiming Which is nasty enough as it is but cmon Ive gotten myself all worked up to see some down and dirty serial killing and by gum I want my moneys worth Showtime isnt free you know The Ice Truck killers real purpose is in helping unravel the many layers of our fearless Dexter ITK is having fun with him and it unnerves the strictly business Dex The ITKs read more

October 15, 2006 – “The Popping Cherry” Season 1, Episode 3

Dexter has feelings Im certain of it And the place where this is most clearly realized is the way in which he tells us about his father and his relationship to him certainly an indication of love He wants everyone to believe he has no emotions but I dont believe him He was willing to kill for his father Goodbye Nurse Ratchet And as Harry was the one to teach him how to live the vigilante lifestyle full of lessons of right from wrong the show could have been called The Code of Harry Not only does Dexter love his father but he loves Ritas kids too Or at least likes them a lot Upon hearing Ritas daughter cry as he removes her splinter Dexter intimates If I had a heart it would be breaking right now He does have a heart He just doesnt want to show it and it has something to do with whatever happened to him before Harry and his wife took him in as their foster child Its alluded to again in this ep The best read more

Crocodile Season 1, Episode 2

A serial murderer dubbed The Ice Truck Killer leaves clues for Dexter---in Dexter's house; the unit investigates the death of an undercover cop; Deb's excellent police work gets her a transfer to homicide; Dexter sets his sights on avenging the hit-and-run death of a teen whose killer walked. read more

Dexter Season 1, Episode 1

A Miami forensics whiz moonlighting as a vigilante dispatching murderers who've escaped justice searches for “a very neat monster” who's chopping up hookers and leaving no prints---and no blood. read more

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Premise: A forensic expert lives a double life as a vigilante-serial killer who murders wrongdoers who've escaped justice.



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