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Degrassi Season 7 episodes

We Built This City Season 7, Episode 24

In the seventh-season finale, Liberty clashes with Toby and Emma during preparations for the Class of 2007's dance and graduation ceremony. read more

If This Is It Season 7, Episode 23

Fate smiles on Spinner's band, which could impact his efforts to graduate. Elsewhere, Manny is torn between the series role she just landed and the Smithdale drama program. read more

Don't Stop Believin' Season 7, Episode 22

Liberty competes with Damian Hayes to become school valedictorian; Marco confides in Ellie after learning that Paige's father is buying Paige a condo. read more

Ladies Night Season 7, Episode 20

Manny goes to an auction in a bid to retrieve the engagement ring that she pawned; Anya tries to build a bridge between her best friend and her boyfriend with lackluster results. read more

Everything She Wants Season 7, Episode 21

Sean Cameron resurfaces, distracting Simpson and Emma. Elsewhere, Mia and Lucas strike a balance that may become unhinged by a party. read more

Broken Wings Season 7, Episode 19

Peter tries to start a band, but Spinner trashes the effort; Jimmy gets accepted into NYU and learns something shocking about his father. read more

Talking in Your Sleep Season 7, Episode 18

Paige is upset when Griffin grows distant, so she starts digging to find out what he's hiding. Meanwhile, Jane gets closer to Darcy, but her friendship skills need work. read more

Another Brick in the Wall Season 7, Episode 17

Snake and Spike seek space, while Holly J. and Toby look for a chance to connect. read more

Sweet Child O' Mine Season 7, Episode 16

Mia makes the Spirit Squad and finds two suitors, but has trouble deciding who is best for her baby; Manny is thrilled her fake engagement to Jay is now real and she wants to meet his parents. read more

Got My Mind Set On You Season 7, Episode 15

An instructional romance video assignment becomes real for Danny, Peter, Derek and Rachel. read more

Bust a Move, Part 2 Season 7, Episode 14

Conclusion. Jay races to switch the audition DVD, but gets there too late, and a furious Manny dumps him for good. Darcy struggles with her demons at the teen camp, but finally finds the inner strength needed to overcome her issues. Shirley Douglas guests as Professor Iris Dunwoody. read more

Bust a Move, Part 1 Season 7, Episode 13

Part 1 of 2. Jay makes a mistake with Manny's audition DVD; Darcy's parents reach the tipping point and announce their plan to ship her off to Brat Camp. read more

Live to Tell Season 7, Episode 12

Darcy withholds the truth about her rape in order to harm Mr. Simpson. read more

Owner of a Lonely Heart Season 7, Episode 11

Marco considers something he never thought he would do in order to ease his financial situation. read more

Pass the Dutchie Season 7, Episode 10

Spinner turns to drugs to deal with his pain and Darcy decides to join him in his despair. read more

Hungry Eyes Season 7, Episode 9

Emma begins working as a corporate spokesmodel, but then has trouble regaining her identity. read more

Jessie's Girl Season 7, Episode 8

Caitlin takes over Ellie's class, and makes the moves on her man. Meanwhile, Mia sees an opportunity to dethrone a royal pain with a class project. read more

We Got the Beat Season 7, Episode 7

Manny tries to sabotage her parents' plans for her birthday party by finding a horrible date for the event. read more

We Got the Beat Season 7, Episode 6

Finally! After what seemed like forever, the Degrassi writers gave us an episode featuring some of our favorites that we hadn't heard lately. While Manny prepared for her debutant ball, Jimmy met a girl in physical therapy just as his relationship with Ashley began to fizzle out.With her 18th birthday rapidly approaching, Manny found herself in another tight spot with her parents. In addition to forcing her to partake in a traditional Filipino debutant ball, the college fair hit Degrassi, providing yet another opportunity for Manny to clash with her folks. Manny has always wanted to pursue a career in theater but with her parents paying for college, Papa Santos had his own ideas regarding his daughter's career path. All of the pressure she was getting from her parents caused Manny to crash the family BMW with no other option but to go to Jay for help in secretly fixing it. When Jay came through just in time to get the car back without Manny's parents noticing, Manny cooked up a sche... read more

"Death or Glory, Part 2" Season 7, Episode 5

Last week on Degrassi, Spinner found out he has testicular cancer and let all of his rage out on the Lakehearst bully. In Part 2 of that storyline, Spinner continued to deal with his health issue. Just when Spinner extended the olive branch to the Lakehearst bullies, he found out that his fight with Johnny was uploaded to the Web and has developed quite the following. Johnny was interested in capitalizing on this Internet fame and tried to coerce Spinner into staging more fights. He even offered up his barking friend Bruce to be the next to step into the ring. Spinner wasn't into it until he found out his cancer treatment would involve losing one of his testicles. Then, in what was supposed to be a highly emotional scene, Spinner took a page from the book of Britney and shaved off his hair. With a new 'do and a need to prove his manliness, he sought out Johnny for Round 2 of their fight. At the college house, Marco's social life was taking a serious nosedive. Ellie was too busy w... read more

Death or Glory, Part 1 Season 7, Episode 4

After last week's shortened Halloween episode of Degrassi, most of us were hoping this week's return would be worth the wait. Oh boy was it ever!As things at the high school picked back up, the Lakehearst kids were up to their old tricks of causing trouble and picking fights. The same thuggish dude who was an accomplice in JT's stabbing has been wreaking havoc at Degrassi by picking fights with anyone willing to stoop to his childish level. Having had enough of it, our old friend Spinner (remember him?) stepped in and tried to put a stop to the Lakeheart bullies. Of course, he had an ulterior motive trying to impress his new crush Jane, but his actions were heroic by anyone's standards. Although Spinner didn't use violence to prevent the fight in the cafeteria, the principal caught wind of the altercation and gave Spinner a stern warning that he's still on thin ice.Meanwhile, Spinner's ex Darcy was almost done with her therapy sessions after trying to take her life following her rap... read more

"It's Tricky" Season 7, Episode 3

It seems like forever since we've gotten a Degrassi episode that didn't focus on the Alex-Paige or Peter-Darcy relationships. This week, the Degrassi gods answered our prayers and gave us an update on Ashley and Jimmy's coupledom, along with the rest of the high-school kids. I tend to prefer the high-school-centric episodes over the college eps, since those college kids don't ever seem to leave that house. Don't they have classes? Nevertheless, I was just really glad to finally have some time with a couple of the kids who we haven't seen in a while. The episode picked up after Craig Manning's debut album dropped. His old friends all got a copy and it didn't take long for them to figure out who the songs "She Is the Ash," "Redheaded for Trouble," and "Thong Girl Wrong Girl" were about. He even had some younger fans at Degrassi who were envious of Ashley's past with him. The success of Craig's album (and his failure to credit her on one of his songs) got Ashley to reconsider her old ... read more

"Love Is a Battlefield" Season 7, Episode 2

After the intensity of last week's episode, us Degrassi fans needed a bit of a breather. Between the drugging, the rape and the suicide attempt, I was kind of expecting the second episode of the new season to not have a whole lot going on. But the title of this episode says it all. While certain relationships are slowly blossoming, others are quickly wilting away. Over in college world, Alex was beginning to overstay her welcome at Paige's pad while the roommates began their search to fill the room for rent. Despite overcoming some difficult times recently, Alex needs to figure out her next move. Playing house with Paige might be fun but it's not helping her get any closer to achieving her post-Degrassi aspirations. As Paige tried to move on from her crash-and-burn at Banting, Alex reconnected with Jay and let a bit of the old Alex out again. Getting stoned in the house where you are just a freeloading guest is not the best way to keep yourself in your hosts' good graces. Meanwhile... read more

Standing in the Dark Season 7, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. Lakehurst students are on Degrassi's campus, which doesn't please Toby. Meanwhile, Peter and Darcy get serious, while Marco is in denial about Dylan. read more

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