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Don't You Want Me Season 6, Episode 19

Conclusion. Alex keeps her night job a secret from a suspicious Paige, who feels left out. read more

Don't You Want Me (Part II) Season 6, Episode 18

In this week's episode of Degrassi, Paige became gay and there was a pregnancy scare at the high school. No, it wasn't a rerun, but it wasn't anything new either. If I weren't loving the Alex storyline, this blog would be a rant of my annoyances with this season. However, the conclusion of this two-parter put an end to Lextasy (Alex's stripper alter-ego) and what I can only hope is the ultimate end of Emma and Sean.As soon as Alex put aside her feminist views and got up on the stage, it was only a matter of time before one of her clients propositioned her to take things to the next level. Leave it to some sleazy rich guy coming on to her to give her the wake-up call she needed to finally toss in the G-string and the body glitter. But with all the insanity Alex has gone through recently, the last thing she needed was Paige throwing yet another hissy fit, no matter how valid her points may have been. It's not about you, Paige! It's about keeping food on the table and a roof over your ... read more

Sunglasses at Night Season 6, Episode 17

What a lame episode! If it weren’t for one of my super fans (Thanks, T!!) pointing out that I was late posting a new entry, I could’ve skipped this week entirely. I had been waiting for a non-Paige episode to come our way and I certainly didn’t think this Marco-centric episode would be such a snoozefest.Let me start out by saying that I have sat and watched poker tournaments on television. I’ve even sat and watched my roommate do the online poker thing for a little while and it was 10 times more exciting than watching Marco do it. First off, why would he even think that playing with Jay and his gaggle of goons would work out for him in the end? Even if he didn’t lose his money to them, the homophobes would never let him leave there with all of their cash! Then, to further complicate things, the genius decides to let his new poker buddies into Jimmy and Spinner’s store for Round 2. It just seemed so out of character for Marco, the former VP of Degrassi H... read more

Love My Way Season 6, Episode 16

Alex hatches an exciting plan to revitalize Paige's romantic life. read more

Love My Way Season 6, Episode 15

Remember last week when I was hating on Paige and her selfish/needy ways? If you're a fan of Paige... you may want to stop reading this now. There is so much more hating left to do.This week Paige returned home just in time to stir up some drama for all the friends she left behind to attend Banting. Spinner, Alex and Ellie would have been a whole lot better off if Paige stayed at Banting and kept her little panic attacks to herself. Sure, I picked up on the parallels between Emma's presentation in Simpson's class and Paige's actions during this episode but I don't buy it. If Paige had met new love interests rather than playing with the hearts of her own and her new roommate's exes, it could have been justified. However, she made all the wrong choices and (surprise, surprise) it blew up in her face by the end of the half hour. At least she has a place to live and a great new gig as manager of Jimmy's T-shirt company. Now onto some interesting story... I'm a bit Paiged-out.Emma was fi... read more

Free Fallin' (Part 2) Season 6, Episode 14

First off, I know this blog is a few days late and for that, I apologize. What can I say? I love this country so much that my Independence Day festivities carried over into the weekend and I couldn't catch up with my shows until today. Plus, the MTV premiere of My Super Sweet 16 Movie was on, featuring Degrassi's very own Manny Santos (Cassie Steele) in a supporting role. But I'm caught up now and ready to talk Degrassi. Now on to this week's ep. I don't know what happened between this week and last... but for some reason I found myself completely disinterested in Paige's story line. Last week I sympathized with her and her struggle to stay afloat at Banting, but this week she just struck me as annoying and needy. Granted, the girl is on the verge of completely flunking out of college, but that's what happens when you try to pass off an Internet essay as your own. Word of advice, Paige: When it's getting down to crunch time and you find yourself in a bind, try hitting the library an... read more

Free Fallin' (Part 1) Season 6, Episode 13

Nothing says "Hello Summer!" like a special Thanksgiving episode of Degrassi. Season 7 kicked off last night by planting the seeds for what I'm sure will grow into some pretty intense drama over the next few weeks. It seems freshman year at Banting hasn't met Paige's expectations of college. Apparently Statistics 101 isn't quite as easy as Mr. Simpson's computer class, and it's giving our girl some pretty severe panic attacks. How does Paige escape the stress of college midterms? By paying a visit to her big bro, Dylan, and her best friend, Marco. But really, could a Degrassi Thanksgiving ever be that easy? Besides getting stuck cooking the entire meal, Paige must keep quiet about Dylan and Marco's relationship, figure out if ex-flame Alex has really moved on, and somehow manage to break it to her mother that following in mama's footsteps at Banting isn't going so well. It's a bit much to handle even for alpha-girl Paige, and something tells me her little bonfire in the dorm room... read more

The Bitterest Pill Season 6, Episode 12

Toby and Liberty decide to honor a friend with a memorial; Manny advises Toby to keep a secret from Liberty, but Toby is torn as he grows closer to her. read more

Rock This Town Season 6, Episode 11

Manny takes her mind off Craig by throwing a birthday party for Liberty at Emma's house while Spike and Snake are away. Something terrible happens to make the night a tragically unforgettable one. Also, noisy revelers pose a challenge to Emma and Sean as they try to spend quality alone time with one another. read more

What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? Season 6, Episode 10

Conclusion. Ellie remains loyal to Craig despite his bad behavior; and J.T. has a group of bullies from another school after him because of his ties to Mia. read more

What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? Season 6, Episode 9

Part 1 of 2. Rock star Craig's return home for a music festival finds Ellie still among his biggest fans, but Manny is less impressed. Meanwhile, Liberty takes it upon herself to inform Mia about J.T.'s past. read more

Crazy Little Thing Called Love Season 6, Episode 8

Sean's idealized view of Emma changes after he's released from jail and starts living with her and her family; a teacher's disciplinary actions against Danny and Derek prove questionable. read more

Working for the Weekend Season 6, Episode 7

Spinner has a business proposition for Jimmy involving Jimmy's artwork; Alex returns to Degrassi, but with fewer friends and one new enemy. read more

Eyes Without a Face Season 6, Episode 6

Conclusion. Darcy's relationship with Spinner begins to suffer as a result of her preoccupation with her Internet fans, one of whom decides to meet Darcy in person. Also, Ellie's secret romance with her editor gets more serious. read more

Eyes Without a Face Season 6, Episode 5

Part 1 of 2. Darcy uses the Internet---and some suggestive pictures---to raise money for new Spirit Squad uniforms; J.T. forms a bond with Mia and her 2-year-old daughter, Isabella, but a jealous Liberty isn't ready for this new relationship. read more

Can't Hardly Wait Season 6, Episode 4

Jimmy's new goals include being a successful coach for the girls junior basketball team, and pursuing an intimate relationship with Ashley. Meanwhile, cheerleading captain Darcy clashes with choreographer Manny over whether to let new girl Mia Jones (Nina Dobrev) join the squad. read more

True Colours Season 6, Episode 3

Jay persuades Emma to help Sean with his legal troubles; and Peter's true colors are exposed. Also, Ellie receives mixed messages from Jesse (Steve Belford), her cute editor at the school newspaper. read more

Here Comes Your Man Season 6, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. Emma's relationship with Peter suffers after Sean (Daniel Clark) returns to Degrassi to finish 12th grade with his old classmates. Elsewhere, Paige, Marco and Ellie get ready to begin their college careers, which proves an especially frightening prospect for Marco, who has plans to move in with his boyfriend, Dylan. John Bregar. read more

Here Comes Your Man Season 6, Episode 2

Conclusion. Sean blows off his new friendship with Peter to pursue a romantic relationship with Emma, who tells both of her suitors that she needs time to figure out her feelings. Meanwhile, Ellie has nothing in common with her new college roommate, a situation she makes light of in an article for the school newspaper. Jesse: Steve Belford. Amberley: Ella Chan. read more

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