Dawson's Creek

  • 1998
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A popular and cool teen soap about attractive, very self-aware young people in a Boston suburb (though it was filmed in North Carolina). Full of the clever pop-culture references that are a trademark of creator Kevin Williamson ('Scream'), who based it in part on his own experiences.

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Mon May 1 11:00am
To Green, with Love(Season 3, Episode 16) POP

Angry parents push Principal Green's boss into demanding that Green (Obba Babatunde) resign unless he rescinds his expulsion of the student who defaced Joey's school mural. An undaunted Green refuses, and Joey organizes a pro-Green rally with help from A.J (more…)

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Mon May 1 12:00pm
Cinderella Story(Season 3, Episode 17) POP

Joey goes to Boston for A.J.'s appearance at a literary event, and gets a surprise when she meets his oldest friend, Morgan (Deborah Kellner), who happens to be a she. Meanwhile, Pacey gets to know the kid (Jonathan Lipnicki) he's supposed to mentor, a sma (more…)

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Tue May 2 11:00am
Neverland(Season 3, Episode 18) POP

Pacey is crushed when Joey freaks out over their kiss, so he takes refuge in a guys-only camping expedition with Dawson. Joey opts for a sleepover with Andie and Jen as she tries to figure out her feelings. Meanwhile, Jack's plans for a platonic weekend at (more…)

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Tue May 2 12:00pm
Stolen Kisses(Season 3, Episode 19) POP

Simmering feelings boil over for Pacey and Joey when they are forced to share a bed during a crowded spring-break weekend with Dawson's Aunt Gwen (Julie Bowen). Meanwhile, an old friend's visit spurs Gale to pretend she and Mitch are still married. Will: R (more…)

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Wed May 3 11:00am
The Longest Day(Season 3, Episode 20) POP

The truth of Pacey and Joey's romance is revealed through a series of “Rashomon”-style flashbacks that tell the story from Pacey's, Joey's, Jen's and Dawson's perspectives. Also, Will (Rodney Scott) asks Andie out on a date; Grams heads for a weekend a (more…)

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Wed May 3 12:00pm
Show Me Love(Season 3, Episode 21) POP

Pacey and Dawson's competition during the annual regatta hides an underlying battle for Joey's affections. Meanwhile, Jen reconciles with Henry, and Gale and Mitch's relationship shifts gears. Henry: Michael Pitt. Pacey: Joshua Jackson. Joey: Katie Holmes (more…)

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Thu May 4 11:00am
The Anti-Prom(Season 3, Episode 22) POP

Everyone agonizes over the junior prom, especially Joey, who decides to go with Dawson; Andie, who doesn't have a date; and Jack, who wants to take Ethan (Adam Kaufman). Dawson decides to organize an anti-prom at the restaurant, where everyone can just be (more…)

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Thu May 4 12:00pm
True Love(Season 3, Episode 23) POP

Joey chooses between Dawson and Pacey as Dawson prepares for his parents' second wedding and Pacey readies to set sail for a three-month stint in the Florida Keys. Meanwhile, Jen refuses to reconcile with Henry (Michael Pitt) before he heads off for eight (more…)

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Fri May 5 11:00am
Coming Home(Season 4, Episode 1) POP

Joey and Pacey return home to face a barrage of questions about whether they had sex; Pacey's sister abruptly arrives from college without a diploma; and Andie scopes out two potential summer flings. John-John: Jason Daniel Roberts. Doug: Dylan Neal. Joey: (more…)

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Fri May 5 12:00pm
Failing Down(Season 4, Episode 2) POP

Pacey learns his prospects for graduation are dim unless he retakes three courses he failed the previous year---a fact he can't bring himself to mention to Joey. Meanwhile, Henry wants to take a break from Jen and tries to get Jack to help tell her; Joey g (more…)

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Mon May 8 11:00am
Two Gentlemen of Capeside(Season 4, Episode 3) POP

Pacey gets his first “A” of the semester, but an assignment with Dawson keeps Joey from celebrating with him on the boat. So Pacey takes Jen for a fun platonic sail---until a storm hits. Meanwhile, Joey asks Dawson why he can't forgive Pacey and Andie (more…)

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Mon May 8 12:00pm
Future Tense(Season 4, Episode 4) POP

College concerns weigh heavily on Joey's mind as she gets good and bad news about her prospects, then realizes Pacey doesn't have the grades to attend college. Meanwhile, Andie drives Jack crazy over filling out his college applications; Gretchen gets vagu (more…)

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Tue May 9 11:00am
A Family Way(Season 4, Episode 5) POP

Dawson is stunned to learn his fortysomething mother could be pregnant, and an uneasy Joey feels that she and Pacey are headed for sexual intercourse. She shares her concerns with Jen, who advises her to get prepared by going to the free clinic. Meanwhile (more…)

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Tue May 9 12:00pm
Great Xpectations(Season 4, Episode 6) POP

Andie gets a letter from Harvard and the news sends her off to a rave with Jack and an uneasy Jen, who had been resisting pleas from Drue (Mark Matkevich) to attend. After his parents deliver equally important news, Dawson joins the party with Gretchen---a (more…)

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Wed May 10 11:00am
You Had Me at Goodbye(Season 4, Episode 7) POP

Andie's father (David Dukes) suggests the teen take a six-month trip to Italy as a reward for her academic excellence and to relax before she starts college. Meanwhile, Joey needs a peer recommendation for a college application from the person who knows he (more…)

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Wed May 10 12:00pm
The Unusual Suspects(Season 4, Episode 8) POP

Principal Peskin (Harry Shearer) and Mitch question Dawson, Pacey and Jack after someone puts the senior administrator's boat into the school's swimming pool with the man's dog on board. Meanwhile, Jen agrees to help coach Jack's soccer team as part of her (more…)

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Thu May 11 11:00am
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang(Season 4, Episode 9) POP

Dawson views some of Mr. Brooks' old movies and lavishes the former filmmaker with praise, only to be rudely dismissed. Gretchen plans a party at the Leery's home. Elsewhere, Jack suspects that Jen has lost interest in filing her college applications. Mr (more…)

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Thu May 11 12:00pm
Self-Reliance(Season 4, Episode 10) POP

Baby-sitting responsibilities and unexpected guests at the bed-and-breakfast cause stress for Joey the night before a big test at school. Jen and Jack attend a gay teens seminar, and Mr. Brooks agrees to participate in Dawson's documentary about the former (more…)

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Fri May 12 11:00am
The Tao of Dawson(Season 4, Episode 11) POP

Dawson decides that the best way to pursue Gretchen is to do nothing at all and let the situation play itself out. Gretchen takes Pacey on a road trip to her former college to retrieve her car, which she loaned to an ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Joey is trappe (more…)

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Fri May 12 12:00pm
The Te of Pacey(Season 4, Episode 12) POP

Joey plans a surprise birthday party for Pacey, who's reluctant to celebrate because of various mishaps that occurred during previous shindigs commemorating his birth. Elsewhere, Gretchen asks Dawson if they can postpone their scheduled first date since th (more…)

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  • Premiered: January 20, 1998
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: A popular and cool teen soap about attractive, very self-aware young people in a Boston suburb (though it was filmed in North Carolina). Full of the clever pop-culture references that are a trademark of creator Kevin Williamson ('Scream'), who based it in… (more)

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