Thu Apr 30 3:00pm
Fur Play(Season 1, Episode 10) truTV

Jason and Matt gamble big on their hunches; Deana uses her fashion sense to make a score.

Thu Apr 30 3:30pm
Secrets of the Orient(Season 1, Episode 7) truTV

A mysterious container from the Far East is coveted, and Jason thinks he'll be able to acquire it.

Thu Apr 30 4:00pm
Israeli Angst(Season 1, Episode 3) truTV

Bidders go after a bin full of high-end hunting equipment and take a crack at a container from Japan.

Thu Apr 30 4:30pm
Boom or Bust(Season 1, Episode 4) truTV

In Los Angeles, Uzi tries to drive prices through the roof, causing chaos on the auction floor, while Shlomi plays a hunch on a container from China.

Thu Apr 30 5:00pm
Last Laugh(Season 1, Episode 2) truTV

In Oakland, buyers gamble on containers full of liquor and World War II antiques.

Thu Apr 30 5:30pm
Matt Attack(Season 1, Episode 1) truTV

Buyers bid on containers in a commercial-shipping port in the series premiere of this reality show.

Thu Apr 30 6:00pm
Four-Wheeled Fortunes(Season 1, Episode 6) truTV

Uzi and Shlomi score two classic cars.

Thu Apr 30 6:30pm
Shark Attack(Season 1, Episode 8) truTV

Mo and Ty use rough tactics, which may backfire on them when a prized item goes up for bid.