The randy residents of Oakdale fire up this hour of small-town scandals and big-league betrayals, especially among the Hughes and Snyder families. Created by soap pioneer Irna Phillips for Proctor & Gamble, it launched live on April 2, 1956 (the same day that `The Edge of Night' premiered).


Former Cast

Zach Roerig
Casey Hughes
869 Episodes (2007-2010)
Helen Wagner
Nancy Hughes McClosky
811 Episodes (2003-2010)
Tamara Tunie
Jessica Griffin
738 Episodes (2003-2010)
Alexandra Chando
Madeline `Maddie' Coleman
737 Episodes (2007-2010)
Elena Goode
Jade Taylor
737 Episodes (2007-2010)
Martha Byrne
Lily Snyder
298 Episodes (2003-2008)
Cady McClain
Rosanna Cabot
166 Episodes (2007-2008)
Ernest Mingione
Rocco Ciccone
6 Episodes (2010-2010)
Mark Collier
Mike Kasnoff
5 Episodes (2007-2007)
Giovani Cimmino
Parker Munson
5 Episodes (2007-2007)
Julianne Moore
Sabrina Hughes/Frannie Hughes
1 Episode (2010)


Executive Producer (1 Credit)