Forty-nine minutes of added footage fleshes out Francis Ford Coppola's gripping, surreal 1979 Vietnam epic, starring Martin Sheen as a captain sent to terminate a renegade colonel (Marlon Brando). Based on Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness."


Martin Sheen Capt. Benjamin Willard
Marlon Brando Col. Kurtz
Robert Duvall Lt. Col. Kilgore
Dennis Hopper Photojournalist
Harrison Ford Col. Lucas
Scott Glenn Capt. Richard Colby
Cyndi Wood Playmate of the Year
Michel Pitton Philippe DeMarais
David Olivier Christian DeMarais
Yvon LeSeaux Sergeant LeFevre
Bo Byers 1st MP Sergeant
James Keane Kilgore's Gunner
Ron McQueen Injured Soldier
Tom Mason Supply Sergeant
Jack Thibeau Soldier in Trench
Glenn Walken Lieutenant Carlsen
George Cantero Soldier with Suitcase
Daniel Kiewit Major from New Jersey
Jerry Ross Malibu Johnny
Dick White Helicopter Pilot
Francis Ford Coppola TV Crew Director