48 Hours 1988 | TV Show Watchlist

Mon Nov 30 11:00am
The Hunt for Mr. Wright(Season 25, Episode 9) TLC

The hunt for convicted killer George Wright, who murdered war hero Walter Patterson in 1962 and then escaped from a New Jersey prison in 1970.

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Tue Dec 1 11:00am
The One Who Got Away TLC

An interview with a woman who escaped from a serial killer.

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Wed Dec 2 10:00am
Pain and Gain(Season 25, Episode 25) TLC

A case that inspired the 2013 movie "Pain & Gain," about bodybuilders who plotted to kidnap and murder wealthy people.

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Thu Dec 3 10:00am
A Killer Defense TLC

The 2007 stabbing death of North Carolina horse-farm owner Jennifer Turner is investigated. Her husband, Kirk, claims he killed his wife in self-defense. The victim had sued Kirk's mistress for "alienation of affection" after he left her.

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Thu Dec 3 11:00am
Death at the Parsonage(Season 26, Episode 12) TLC

An apparent suicide in a Pennsylvania church exposes secrets a pastor wants to keep hidden.

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Sat Dec 5 10:00pm
Dead ProxysNew CBS
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Mon Dec 7 10:00am
The Preacher's Passion(Season 25, Episode 4) TLC

The 2009 death of former adult actress Felicia Tang is investigated. Her boyfriend, Brian Randone, a one-time youth minister, is the lead suspect in the case.

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Mon Dec 7 11:00am
Over the Edge(Season 25, Episode 26) TLC

An investigation into the disappearance of Dawn Viens in 2009 and why her husband David, a California chef, jumped from a cliff when he became a suspect in the case.

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Wed Dec 9 10:00am
Showdown in the Bedroom(Season 24, Episode 14) TLC

A woman is accused of murdering her husband, but she claims it was self-defense.

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Wed Dec 9 11:00am
The Devil's Twin(Season 26, Episode 8) TLC

The 2003 murder of Heather DeWild in Colorado is investigated. Her husband, Daniel, and his twin brother are chief suspects in the case.

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Wed Dec 9 12:00pm
Playing With Fire TLC

The 2002 murders of two men, Michael Tardio and Chris Monson, gunned down in Studio City, Cal., are investigated. The probe leads from the Playboy Mansion to Europe to a scandal on Wall Street.

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Fri Dec 11 11:00am
Taken: The Amber DuBois Story TLC

The murders of teens Amber Dubois and Chelsea King in California in 2009 and 2010, respectively, are investigated.

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Fri Dec 11 12:00pm
Every Picture Tells a Story TLC

Cameras in a woman's closet reveal clues about her killer.

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Sat Dec 12 10:00pm
48 HoursNew CBS

A newsmagazine that focuses on a single story per episode, told from a number of perspectives by a group of correspondents.

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