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"Cooter" Season 2, Episode 15

Long time no recap my fellow 30 Rockers Been on vacay and then in LA for our Sexiest Stars party I reconnected there with Jack McBreyer one of my very first 30 Rock interviews and vice versa Such a nice guy His answer to the evenings round-up question What do you find sexy Kobe beef slidersNow on with the show And what a show it was The Rock has been a bit hit-and-miss since the strike but this was a helluva season-ender I thought And why All together now It had heart Beneath all the outrageousness absurdity and guest-casting it had heart as Liz was first freaked by and then enchanted by the prospect of motherhood Who else felt a tiny pang when Lizs messages to Jack played the last one suggesting her pregnancy was not to be Amazingly 30 Rock softened that blow by blaming it all on the Sabor De Soledad chips and the evaporated bull semen that gives them that tangy flavorBullet Batch No 1149 Jack talking about partaking in the read more

"Sandwich Day" Season 2, Episode 14

Hey guys Matts off being sexy at our Sexy Stars party so Im Erin Fox filling in this week Poor poor Jack Hes coming apart at the seams Geiss crazy mute daughter has filled his office with unicorns stuffed animals and pictures of Mark Wahlberg and Jacks been sent down to the lowly and netherworld creepy 12th floor He spends most of the episode in Geiss hospital room reading him economics books or screaming at him even whacking him in the junk to wake up But nothing works and it looks like Jack might actually lose it Back on the Lemon front Shes freaked because Floyd called to see if he could crash at her place What does that mean How weird will it be between them Who was that bitch that answered his phone eight months ago Ha Good stuff When Liz acts super-crazy around Floyd he lies and says he can catch a flight back to Cleveland However she finds him outside eating an ice cream cone and they have a big blow out Blurg Is this the end of Floyd read more

"Succession" Season 2, Episode 13

Hey guys Matts on a very well-deserved vacation with his family so Im Erin Fox filling in this week Im a huge 30 Rock fan and hope I fulfill all your recap expectations The episode I think was funnier upon second viewing this morning I had written down a ton of one-liners before the 11-minute markBasically the episode had two main stories 1 Don Geiss chose Jack to be his successor finally over Devon Banks Will Arnett who is marrying his fiftysomething mute asexual daughter 2 Tracys son is too embarassed to ask him to Take Your Dad to School Day so he decides to leave him a proper legacy A video game about porn Arnett is hilarious as Jacks nemesis once again And Liz sporting a Flock of Seagulls corporate hairdo to match her new gig courtesy of Jack abandons her staff to support Jack as the new CEO However before he can be officially named Geiss falls into a diabetic coma and Banks gets Geiss daughter named as CEO instead Well played Banks read more

"Subway Hero" Season 2, Episode 12

Now wasnt that a proper 30 Rock I just rewatched it for recapping purposes and it was filled not with just great laughs but also some heart Damn the roller coaster that is the crazy Dennis-and-Liz on-againoff-again thing Poor Liz she wants easy romance where she doesnt have to shave or bathe yet took a while to realize thats as bad for her as the Sabor De Soledad translation the flavor of loneliness off-brand Cheetos she was stuffing her face with all episodeThis week also had some really solid and entertaining B stories with Jack wooing Tracy to be the black celebrity face of the Republican Party and Tim Conways Bucky Bright regalingutterly frightening Kenneth with stories from TVs good ol daysI think that between Bucky Dennis and Jack most every race religion and sexuality found something to be affronted by in this episodeOK now I say Bullets you say Hero149 The Committee to Re-invade Vietnam 149 Food Network doesnt have a new read more

"MILF Island" Season 2, Episode 11

Well 30 Rock is back and as glorious as that is in and of itself Id be lying if I said this was a super-great episode Yes MILF Island and the many and well-deserved digs at reality television was pretty damn funny but outside of that Liz simply seemed to not be herself Ausiello and I have been talking about it all week and she was just too duplicitous I mean when she called Kenneth an apple-faced buffoon my heart sank so did his and I suspect even Jack McBrayers did too Id much rather have had it turn out and this was my theory when I first read the breakdown for the episode that Liz purposely leaked the story for some brilliant reason a la to earn Jack sympathy from his peers or something And the Pete subplot having watched it a second time I still have no idea what it was about Even the telephone part was a looooong trip to find out the store was closedI did like though and thought they should have done a lot more with 1 read more

"Episode 210" * Season 2, Episode 10

Im torn Lord knows Kenneths party was a defining 30 Rock moment and one of the funniest TV moments of the season But that Midnight Train to Georgia number at the end of tonights episode Wow So out of nowhere and so fun starting off with Tracy Grizz and Dotcom and then Jenna and her blousy Broadway belting interrupting That would have been sufficient But then Jack and Liz and CC in the televised C-SPAN footage joined in And that too would have been sufficient But for a final kicker Kenneth returns because it turns out the midnight train actually leaves at 1145 and no one told himI love this show and Im really going to miss it now that we have seen the final new episode in inventory Am I sad that Jack and CC are over Not so much Yes it was great having Edie Falco on the show but that storypairing always fell short for me The match-up in comic sensibilities was just toomature I dunnoKenneths addiction to caffeine had read more

"Episode 209" Season 2, Episode 9

Is that really the episode title Episode 209 No cutesy trite Christmassy pun Love itChristmas episodes are so hard to do So much territory has been covered countless countless times on dramas comedies contemporary TV and classic Its hard to make a true meaning of Christmas story seem fresh Thats why this weeks KennethNo LudaChristmas bit was a bit lame in my opinion The slight saving grace was the art-imitates-life fact that Tracy had on an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet But even they seemed unsure of just what to do with thatThe A story fared a bit better juxtaposing Jacks mean coarse mother Elaine Stritch with Lizs folksy affectionate and in the case of Mitch temporally displaced clan Mama D chipped and pecked away at the Lemons determined that she could expose them for the dysfunctional brood that every family is To think that all it took was a slipped Goonies referenceSigh I think we have just one fresh episode left before the strike str read more

"Secrets and Lies" Season 2, Episode 8

Pretty good episode if a bit uneven I realize that Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey are the bread-and-butter here but I actually think that the occasional B story could deserve greater play Take Jenna and her entourage That offered so much promise and opportunity for parodying Tracy Grizz and Dotcom but instead it felt shoehorned into two scenes Even Tracy accepting his Pacific Rim Emmy you may have felt like the faux satellite broadcast would be the big payoff for the story but instead it pretty much just served as a reason to shark Jenna Did you catch how she was briefly proud to hear the janitor said her boobs looked goodAs for Jack and CC I think I may enjoy this arc more going forward now that they are out Edie Falcos CC was always so uptight and nervous that from where I sat it undermined the comedy of the situations Maybe now she will let loose some more a la Take off your pantsuitRight back at yaFrank and Twofers feud was visually almost dist read more

"Cougars" Season 2, Episode 7

You know a week without a new episode doesnt seem that bad until that new one comes along and you find yourself giggling chuckling and LOLing like a fool This weeks 30 Rock had so many fun lines my bullets may runneth a bit over and I left out at least 15 percent of themNow it has been revealed As edited out of my recent QA with Judah Friedlander Frank went gay for an episode I am not quite sure why NBC was so adamant that that not get out its not as if he actually had sex but I played nice I hope no one missed the little coda at the end with Frank dancing at the gay club but ultimately deciding it wasnt his thing A flamboyant fella then shouts good-bye to Sugar Bear only to get scolded by a peer for making em look badThe cougars storyline was a lot of fun because Liz is best when Liz is feeling awkward Her lame attempts at hipster lingo gellin like Magellan the references Jamie couldnt get the subplot with Jenna an read more

"Somebody to Love" Season 2, Episode 6

This episode had a lot to live up to with no less than Emmy-fave Edie Falco guesting as Jacks new lady love CC so its not surprising that in my opinion at least it fell juuuuuuust a bit short Its almost as if the funniest parts of the Falco story were played by Kristin Wiig in the Lifetime movie based on that horrible sad and you would hope preventable accident involving a dog and misplaced hunting rifle That said that is a Lifetime movie I would watch even though it involves neither a kidnapped nor sickly baby I want to go into politicsHere I must note that due to an inexplicable recording glitch my bullets and quotes from last nights show may be a bit off and not verbatim So rein in the snarky retorts thanks For good measure I will remind you that I am paraphrasing by slapping an asterisk on paraphrased bitsI actually think the Liz suspects the neighbor is a terrorist story played out rather well though you had to suspect she would be read more

Greenzo Season 2, Episode 5

Al Gore, Meredith Vieira and David Schwimmer guest star in this episode, in which Jack concocts an eco-friendly mascot for the network named Greenzo. But Greenzo's self-righteous sermonizing soon grows tiresome and obnoxious. Meanwhile, Kenneth plans to throw his annual (and overly boring) house party. read more

Rosemary's Baby Season 2, Episode 4

Liz hires her idol, Rosemary Howard (Carrie Fisher), to be a guest writer on the show, but Rosemary's radical ideology causes much friction. Meanwhile, Jack takes Tracy to a therapist; and Kenneth's job is jeopardized. read more

The Collection Season 2, Episode 3

Jack worries that ownership will unearth damaging information about him, so he enlists a private investigator (Steve Buscemi) to ward the company off. Meanwhile, Tracy's wife (Sherri Shepherd) shadows her husband's every move to keep him in line. And Jenna, basking in the newfound celebrity her weight gain has given her, begins to lose pounds. read more

Jack Gets in the Game Season 2, Episode 2

Jack goes head-to-head against his archenemy, Devin Banks (Will Arnett), when both swoop in to take the job of possibly retiring GE honcho Don Geiss (Rip Torn). Meanwhile, Jenna's plus-size figure brings her newfound fame; and Kenneth sets out to reconnect Tracy with his wife (Sherri Shepherd). read more

Seinfeld Vision Season 2, Episode 1

As the 30 Rockers return from summer hiatus, Liz continues her battles with Jack, whose latest ploy involves inserting clips from “Seinfeld” into current shows, an act that doesn't sit well with one Jerry Seinfeld (who appears as himself). Meanwhile, Jenna sees her waistline widen after starring in the play “Mystic Pizza: The Musical!” read more

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