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April 26, 2007: "I Nearly Wet My Other Pair of Underpants!" Season 1, Episode 21

And here we are the first season finale of NBCs 30 Rock Before we get started I want to thank all of you who have frequented this blog and supported the show Because of such passion for quality comedy the TGS gang earned that early Season 2 pickup much to everyones reliefDue to a FauxVo glitch I missed the first few seconds of this episode but ultimately deduced that what Kenneth was narrating a Previously on 30 Rock sort of thing Cute All in all I didnt find this episode quite as manic as the previous few but thats probably because it had actual story to progress and threads to tie up Make no mistake I love the Jim-Pam kiss last May but every post-Cheers sitcom neednt taunt us with cliff-hangers Just make us laughWhat a one-two punch of guest stars this week Sean Hayes well we knew hed be spot-on as Kens cousin and he was I wasnt sure what to expect from the great Elaine Stritch in this sandbox but her take on the hypercritical mother figure wa read more

April 19, 2007: "By the Hammer of Thor!" Season 1, Episode 20

What did I tell you Good stuff yesIf there was any doubt that NBCs 30 Rock had arrived that it was a keeper that this is a real show and not one of this seasons fly-by-night Saturday Night Live-spoof sitcoms we now find ourselves vested in these crazy neurotic andor ego-inflated people Will Liz lose out on love by forsaking Cleveland-smelling Cleveland Is Jack headed for a fall at the hands of Phoebe the hollow-boned faux Brit Can Tracy evade the Black Crusaders as powerfully staffed as they are with the likes of Gordon from Sesame StreetWill scientific advances ever allow Jenna her three-wayAs the first few scenes played I feared for a moment that Floyd was going to decide that like Liz was a jinx seeing as in fell swoops he lost his dream apartment and a promotion Well-played indeed Garkle But we didnt go there Instead we got a fanciful if all too accurate music-montage travelogue for Cleveland set to some made-for-30 Rock ditty Someone here recently g read more

April 12, 2007: "Ow." Season 1, Episode 19

Do I win Shortest TV Show Blog title ever [Crickets]OK anyway Though the My guy friend is dating my boyfriend gag has been done to death on TV sitcoms 30 Rock is to be forgiven if only because the same episode gave us a preview of no not The Real Wedding Crashers [Groan] but Jefferson starring Source Award nominee Tracy Jordan I will admit that for some reason too silly too broad too easy a target I wasnt expecting much from that trailer but as each scenejokemultiple-role popped up tears formed in my eyes I half expected Don Geiss to greenlight it if only as a spoof of biopics But instead hes all about Fat Bitch 2 even though Cocoa died in the originalAm I just so in love with 30 Rock or has there never been a show quite like it I know thats heavy praise but literally as I sat watching it I felt that its specific combination of rhythm humor and reality-merged-with-surrealism is rather unique I suppose that Scrubs is similar y read more

April 5, 2007: "Sir, It's the Mayor" Season 1, Episode 18

Welcome welcome welcome back 30 Rock And congratulations congratulations congratulations on your pick-up for a second season super-sizingSo much to celebrate this week it almost deserves a fireworks spectacular or not As much as I sensed that Jacks super-lame idea would actually go over well with his bosses never did I foresee the most unfortunate execution of it I mean literally shooting off fireworks in midtown Even ones that form a cowboy hat EekThis weeks guest star shrewdly cast as is the Rocks calling card was Arrested Developments Will Arnett currently in theaters with the No 1 movie Blades of Glory Here a different sort of blade was in play as NBC exec Devon took a shine to our poor unsuspecting Kenneth Can you give me a hand Kenneth Yikes that was a short robeHow meaty was this episode Im three paragraphs in and havent even touched on Lizs clumsy pursuit of Floyd Floyd or Tracys discovery that hes a desce read more

March 8, 2007: "Things Are Lining Up for Ol' Liz Lemon" Season 1, Episode 17

As our friends over at Idol and 30 Rock apparently knows who they are would say Listen up dawg It wasnt my favorite performance but Yeah something about this weeks episode in which Liz claimed power Jack found family and Tracy sought religion a subplot deserving of far greater screen time just wasnt clicking for me Was it because the Dad isnt dead twist was seen coming up Broadway I dunno That said Nathan Lane was an excellent guest star and as my wife and I agreed actually kinda sorta looks like Alec Baldwin In a squint-your-eyes Barbara-Walters-soft-focus wayThe Dona-heeDonag-heeDona-fee siblings reunion was a fun visual if only to see such a mishmash of SNL vets peppered throughout When did Molly Shannon stop eatingLizs power trip I wasnt quite feeling it I know Im being such a Debby Downer though we all can probably identify with having that rare opportunity to squash a rival by questionable means and he read more

March 1, 2007: "The Manatee Has Become the Mento" Season 1, Episode 16

Do the readers of other TV Guide TV Show Blogs look at our titles and go Whaaaaat I always wonder that and lord knows I have trouble arriving at just the right and proper-length sound bite to use each weekBut with that peek inside my scary psyche aside how about that episode of NBCs 30 Rock From where I sit its got to be in the top five if not three It was a case where the A B and C stories were genuinely dovetailed into another as the Source Awards hosted the coming out party for Jacks wine aka the urine of Satan after a hefty portion of asparagus Lizs date with the worst boyfriend ever but not because hes a black or a Black though he was Wayne Brady and a possible truce between Tracy and longtime foe Ridikolus guest star LL Cool J The only trade-off virtually no JennaPeteFrankJoshCerie though juuuuust enough of Kenneth a pit bull of an after-after-after-after-party doormanThings we learned this week about our intrepid TGS crew149 read more

February 22, 2007: "I Want to Get This Corn Bread Pregnant" Season 1, Episode 15

OK so maybe that wasnt Tracys exact line but it sure conveys the overall sentiment and compelling mental picture For the purists out there though it went something like thisI like this corn bread so much I want to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnantLike I said I summed it up pretty goodThis weeks episode of NBCs 30 Rock was an upswing from the last which had the unenviable task of trumping Prince Gerhardt I think the show really clicks when Jack is trying with varying degrees of success to school Liz on the ways of NBC-GE-Universal management this time bringing her in on Joshs contract renegotiation only to ultimately decide she wasnt ready for the big chair Jack drives a tough bargain though negotiating Joshs agent down from time off for every Jewish holiday no matter how ridiculous to the one where they go in the tent The agent was funny in his own right what with the abbreviating of every word eg Lets skip the foreplay read more

February 15, 2007: "When You Said Hello, You Had Me" Season 1, Episode 14

Ah shades of the Tracy Jordan Meat Machine episode Its funny I bet if years ago you asked either Alec Baldwin or Tracy Morgan neither would have predicted theyd be a killer 1-2 punch on a hot sitcom And yet here they are on 30 RockI enjoyed all the story line pairings in this episode actually Jack and Tracy Say no more OK I will Seeing Jack fervently try to suck up to guest star Rip Torn only to have Tracy waylay his plan by referring to the only other black guy at the la-de-da golf course function as Carlton prompting Jack to offer a detailed refresher on Fresh Prince was a blast Loved Tracys argyle by the way And then later when Tracy broke hearts with the sad tale of how he realized his daughter had diabetes Well you may have guessed it was a sham to save Jacks bacon but that didnt make Tracys eventual admission to his boss any less funny Now I want to see the casting sessionLiz story with Lutz and the writing staff at large ma read more

February 8, 2007: "Tell Your Gay Mom I Said Thanks" Season 1, Episode 13

It would be nearly impossible to measure up to last weeks utterly manic introduction of Prince Gerhardt so forgive 30 Rock if this weeks outing was merely very amusing at times Actually returning guest star Isabella Rossellini seemed to find it extremely amusing at one particular point Am I wrong or did she barely make it through her line Damn it Johnny you know how much I love my big beef and cheddar On the FauxVo replay shes almost chuckling the dialogue Fun to see a pro recognize the Rocks dialogue for being as wonderfully absurd as it isAs for Jacks downward spiral coming out of said divorce-settlement talks meh So-so I got that he was regressing from top-shelf bubbly to canned beer to miniature airplane spirits but I think that sequence primarily demonstrated that Alec Baldwin is best playing opposite the regularsNo I actually wore more grins watching the microscopic B-story with the writers playing Marry-Boff-Kill often to Jennas detriment o read more

February 1, 2007: "It Feels Good to Laugh" Season 1, Episode 12

Before we get started with this weeks 30 Rock debrief a moment of silence please for the just-passed Prince Gerhardt one of sitcomdoms hardest to look at most unsettling and thus and alas funniest creations [Silence]Yes Paul Pee-wee Reubens served up a memorable majesty on a very strong very laugh-out-loud funny installment of the Rock Still I cannot help but fear that his character may have offended anyone out there who employs a prosthetic baby hand and suffers from a malady that prohibits the production of joint fluid as well as the metabolization of grapes NBC may get lettersAlso big props to Reubens fellow guest stars Isabella Rossellini really letting loose as Bianca Jacks now-tortured ex and SNLs Will Forte as the princes stewardWhat really impressed me as a aspiring comedy writer was how 30 Rock deftly handled Lemons date with Jack Lesser shows would have gone there in that final scene and really jacked up the tension between its two read more

The Head and the Hair Season 1, Episode 11

Liz and Jenna work on their dating game when they're beguiled by two very different MSNBC staffers---a brainy geek (dubbed “the Head”) and a brawny hunk (“the Hair”), but cerebral Liz finds it strange that she's more interested in the attractive one (Peter Hermann). Meanwhile, lowly Kenneth the page and bigwig Jack switch roles. read more

The Rural Juror Season 1, Episode 10

Jenna anticipates the opening of her independent movie “The Rural Juror”---but the title proves to be a mighty tongue twister for the gang. Meanwhile, cash-challenged Tracy endorses his own celebrity product in an effort to get out of debt. Chris Parnell reprises his role as the unethical Dr. Leo Spaceman. read more

The Baby Show Season 1, Episode 9

When ditzy receptionist Cerie (Katrina Bowden) spreads news of her engagement to a filthy rich Greek heir, Liz confronts her own marital and maternal status. Meanwhile, emotionally hardened Jack softens due to “mommy issues.” Dr. Leo Spaceman: Chris Parnell. read more

The Break-up Season 1, Episode 8

When Liz finally dumps her crude boyfriend Dennis (Dean Winters), she prowls the singles scene under Jenna's tutelage. Love also stinks for Jack, as he discovers dating a Bush administration official has its downside. And Tracy and Toofer clash, which lands both in sensitivity training. read more

Tracy Does Conan Season 1, Episode 7

The perpetually meddling Jack blocks Jenna's guest appearance on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" by booking Tracy instead, raising Jenna's ire in the process. But Tracy's guest shot could prove disastrous when the unhinged star goes off his meds. Meanwhile, Liz mulls over her relationship with Dennis (Dean Winters). O'Brien appears as himself. read more

Jack Meets Dennis Season 1, Episode 6

As Liz reunites with her ex-boyfriend (Dean Winters), Jack continues to get involved in her personal affairs. Meanwhile, the cast tries to save face (literally) in light of Tracy's facial tattoo, Jenna's Botox injections and Josh's two black eyes from an altercation with Regis Philbin. read more

Jack-Tor Season 1, Episode 5

Liz casts Jack as a sketch performer, but he lacks sufficient acting chops and his main goal is to plug products on the show. Meanwhile, Jenna is tricked into fearing for her job, and Liz suspects that a conniving Tracy is trying to avoid rehearsals by faking illiteracy. read more

Jack the Writer Season 1, Episode 4

Liz tries to keep the meddlesome Jack, an aspiring scribe, from commandeering the writers' room. Meanwhile, Kenneth the page desperately tries to impress Tracy, but he discovers all too soon that working for the erratic actor is a handful; and Cerie's peekaboo wardrobe causes a commotion. read more

Blind Date Season 1, Episode 3

Unbearable network bigwig Jack meddles in Liz's personal life when he sets her up on a blind date with his friend. And there are surprises in the cards when Jack then worms his way into the writers' weekly poker game. read more

The Aftermath Season 1, Episode 2

Newly hired Tracy Jordan causes plenty of friction on "The Girlie Show" set: His larger-than-life persona pushes insecure star Jenna Maroney out of the limelight; he rubs writers the wrong way; and the meddling Donaghy will do anything to keep him happy, including changing the title of the show to "TGS with Tracy Jordan." It's up to Liz to unite the crew and pull the show together, and she ends up getting help from a most unlikely source---Jordan himself. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

Head writer Liz Lemon battles an unbearable, focus-group-obsessed network bigwig who wants to retool her TV variety show by adding an erratic film star (Tracy Morgan) to the cast. Lemon endures a lunch meeting with the loopy actor and his posse, only to be swept up in their wild world. read more

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