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24 Season 6 episodes

Day 6: 5:00 AM-6:00 AM Season 6, Episode 24

Jack goes after Josh (Evan Ellingson) and Cheng (Tzi Ma) with a little help from some old friends. Phillip Bauer: James Cromwell. Marilyn Bauer: Rena Sofer. read more

Day 6: 4:00 AM-5:00 AM Season 6, Episode 23

Vice President Daniels orders CTU to exchange Josh Bauer for the Russian sub-circuit board, but elements in both the White House and CTU second-guess his decision. Phillip Bauer: James Cromwell. Cheng Zhi: Tzi Ma. Yuri Suvarov: Nick Jameson. read more

Day 6: 3:00 AM-4:00 AM Season 6, Episode 22

The drama escalates between the U.S., China and Russia, and things get personal for Jack. Yuri Suvarov: Nick Jameson. Marilyn Bauer: Rena Sofer. Cheng Zhi: Tzi Ma. read more

Day 6: 2:00 AM-3:00 AM Season 6, Episode 21

Doyle leads a CTU tactical team to a location thought to be Cheng's safe house, and Lennox and Daniels concoct a plan to feed disinformation to the Russians. Lisa Miller: Kari Matchett. Marilyn Bauer: Rena Sofer. read more

May 21, 2007: 4 — 5 am / 5 — 6 am Season 6, Episode 20

Say what you will about Day Six it certainly went out with a bang and not a small amount of closure The Russians are satisfied that the Chinese no longer have that all-important component and are standing down Chengs in custody Josh is safe with his mom and Phillip Bauer will presumably do his hard time in Davy Jones Locker Our once-hawkish vice president understands that hey maybe this whole commander-in-chief thing isnt as easy as it looks Might wanna mention that with your get-well-soon bouquet to Wayne Palmer there Noah Do you think they make a sorry I almost had you removed from power card at Hallmark Bill and Karen have escaped both scandal and prosecution and can retire together to make kissy-face for the rest of their patriotic yet morally responsible days Nadias proven to herself that shes not half bad as a leader and can devote herself to bereavement therapy with Milos way hotter brother Doyles down but not out and likely to best this wh read more

May 14, 2007: 3 am — 4 am Season 6, Episode 19

This weeks theme fighting back is futile Josh did his Uncle Jack proud with a kick to Chengs face only to wind up pulling a Kim Bauer by getting himself into a precarious position and forcing Jack to save him thereby letting Cheng escape Lisa Miller went all woman scorned on Shirtless McGee wielding both a bottle of wine and a bedside lamp like a Louisville Slugger and found herself nearly choked to death Nadia put up a good 10 seconds of incredulous snark before letting the goons from Division walk all over her and set up camp in her conference room Hope you enjoyed running CTU while it lasted Ms Yassir And Jack treated us to the classic scream-in-protest-while-my-nephew-who-might-be-my-son-is-whisked-away-in-a-government-chopper-and-Im-held-down-by-an-entire-SWAT-team which is of course a fine variation on the slo-mo Noooo when your buddy cop is shot right before your eyes on the day of your retirement and you have until the end of your shift to f read more

May 7, 2007: 2 am — 3 am Season 6, Episode 18

So then I guess Milos not a mole Ive decided that human resources departments all across the country should start screening episodes of 24 to their employees highlighting the inherent dangers of interoffice romances Best case scenario the love of your life loses respect for you after you help terrorists arm a nuclear bomb that takes out more than 12000 civilians worst case scenario bullet to the head Plus theres all that pressure to carpool its more or less a lose-lose situationIn other news Papa Bauers back Im finding it a bit suspect that Philip would convince the Chinese to launch a full-scale military assault on CTU simply to save his grandson you remember the same kid he was using as a human shield a few hours ago Theres got to be more to it like maybe Josh is building a super-cool freedom-hating robot in his tree fort and Papa Bauers gonna make a fortune selling it to the Chinese Theyve asked us to believe a lot this season so at t read more

April 30, 2007: 1 am — 2 am Season 6, Episode 17

Youre cursed Jack Everything you touch one way or another ends up dead And you thought your girlfriends dad was tough I wish I hadnt seen William Devanes name in the opening credits simply because there are so few good surprises left in the world A sudden appearance by the guy we last saw plummeting off a cliff would have made for an especially fun one Still his overprotective father turned stone-cold badass routine pretty much rocked my world because hey if we dont soon crank up Jacks self-loathing to nothing left to lose how are we gonna make the last three hours of the day go all crazy kablooey Speaking of which Im guessing thats what the whole Morris-Chloe breakup is about Its taken all damn day but surely a broken heart is what its gonna take to revive the surly snarky surprisingly-handy-with-an-automatic-weapon CTU tech we all know and love I know youre in there Chloe I know what they did to you dyed your hair softened your ha read more

April 23, 2007: Midnight — 1 am Season 6, Episode 16

Isnt that always the way Jacks got everything under control until some bright-eyed bushy-tailed by-the-book punk comes in and ruins it Way to go Doyle I get the impression were supposed to be wowed by Mikes expert tracking skills I mean Nadia certainly is but Im still not buying Mr Silver Spoons as Jack Jr Maybe it would help if we knew what happened in Denver On the plus side I guess we do owe a little credit to Doyle for inadvertently saving Jacks life Sure Chengs got the big bad nuke component and were about to be smack dab in the middle of a Chinese-Russian rage sandwich but at least we can rest easy in the knowledge that Jacks still kicking and therefore mere minutes away from bringing the pain on someone who needs it Hes like the Old Faithful of vigilante justice my apologies to Chuck NorrisMeanwhile I guess that foreboding vibe coming off Bill and Karen a few weeks ago was less about a literal death and more about the murder of Bills ca read more

April 16, 2007: 11 pm — 12 am Season 6, Episode 15

Rogue agent If you had any doubt that Jack would move heaven and earth to rescue Audrey from those dadgum Chinese then lets face it you dont know Jack Convincing Chloe to hack into Morris system for the nuke schematics Check Browbeating the president into signing off on a mock handover of the component Check Getting the upper hand on Doyle and driving away into the night one man on a mission of love Double check And how As we learned last week theres nothing more gratifying than watching Jack go it solo taking charge of the situation as only the loneliest of lone wolves knows how Im thinking well see Chang buy the farm Fayed-style before the day is overMeanwhile President Palmer the Younger pays the high price of getting his way you save the country with your heroics youre gonna wind up dead or incapacitated Just ask your brother So much for Waynes morally satisfying request for VP Daniels to step down incriminating voice recordin read more

April 9, 2007: 10 pm — 11 pm Season 6, Episode 14

Hes been a junkie a Secret Service agent a prisoner of the Chinese government and a dead man and now hes Jack Bauer Ninja Garbage Man Whatever your complaints about this season so far you have to admit theres nothing cooler than watching Jack take out a cadre of terrorists with his bare hands Just imagine how much faster that would have gone if only hed had his trusty JackPack with him Ill even allow for the cheesy say hello to your brother as he strung up Fayed once and for all simply on the merits of that rock em sock em fight scene The only things missing were a few classic Pow Zonk Wham graphics Batman style And is it just me or is it only a matter of time before we see that riding-on-the-axle-of-a-sanitation-truck conversation wind up as an ad for better cell-phone coverage Bill its Jack Do you copy You should cause Ive got The Network from SprintThis was also the episode for Great Big Bluffs Jack and Doyle pulling a fast read more

April 2, 2007: 9 pm — 10 pm Season 6, Episode 13

Perjury Affidavits Loopholes in the 25th Amendment For a minute there I thought we were trapped in some sort of C-SPAN alternate universe Thank goodness for the Tom Lennox Redemption Train it pulled into the station right on schedule complete with super-sneaky listening device and resultant incriminating audio recording We even got a taste of the old Tom for dessert as he made a truce with Karen only to lie to her seconds later A weasel never really changes his spots does he Of course all this power-of-the-presidency hubbub turned out to be an exercise in futility after Palmer launched the same retaliatory nuclear strike that they woke him up out of the coma to prevent in the first place My current theory is that the presidential physician is supposed to be injecting him with adrenaline but instead hes shooting the commander in chief full of Hulk juice Wayne mad Wayne smashMeanwhile Jacks taking Gredenko out for a fun-filled evening at the Santa Monica read more

March 26, 2007: 8 pm — 9 pm Season 6, Episode 12

Remember when Brian Krakow was just the uptight kid down the street studying for his calculus test and pining for Angela Chase Now hes using his developmentally challenged brother to sell government secrets to terrorists Youve come a long way Brian hope you enjoy the Rain Man suite in federal lockup As for his poor brother Brady I kept waiting for him to drop the act 224 la Ed Norton in The Score and escape with Gredenko Guess that was all just an opportunity to push Jack one step closer to the edge He couldnt take care of his own brother so hell just keep moving heaven and earth to save everyone elsesAnd while were on the topic of brothers Wayne Palmers awake Although lets be honest its hard to wrest power from the hands of your war-mongering vice president when youre sporting one of those hospital gowns that hangs wide open in the back Something tells me that once Noah Daniels gets his mind good and made up hes gonna bomb the bejesu read more

March 19, 2007: 7 pm — 8 pm Season 6, Episode 11

It was a car accident somewhere in China Whoa Audreys dead Or at least thats what China wants us to believe notice how Chloe gave us that little loophole waiting to happen about CTU sending Audreys DNA to the Chinese government so they could verify her remains Mm-hmm sure thing China like we really trust you after abducting our boy Jack right out from under our noses First of all I love that this little reveal was the result of an almost-kiss from Marilyn who apparently needs to be reminded that her husband died today Secondly Ill be the first to admit that the AudreyJack relationship always tried my patience at best but with this new bit of information I found myself suddenly excited at the prospect of Jack and Audreys dad former Secretary of Defense James I can survive a 50-foot plummet into the ocean Heller teaming up and bringing those bastards to justice Hell bring Aaron Pierce out of retirement and youve got yourself a death squad tha read more

Day 6: 3:00 PM-4:00 PM Season 6, Episode 10

Chloe covers for another agent; Milo is thrown into unfamiliar duties; and Jack faces a hard compromise. Reed Pollock: Chad Lowe. Marilyn: Rena Sofer. read more

Day 6: 1:00 PM-2:00 PM Season 6, Episode 8

Darren McCarthy runs into some trouble trying to deliver a specialist to Fayed, and those dissatisfied with President Palmer's handling of the crisis begin to align. Darren McCarthy: David Hunt. Rita: Missy Crider. Reed Pollock: Chad Lowe. read more

Day 6: 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Season 6, Episode 9

The search for Fayed proceeds through a search for coconspirator Gredenko, and Graem's wife, Marilyn, may be able to help. Vice President Noah Daniels: Powers Boothe. Dmitri Gredenko: Rade Sherbedgia. Marilyn: Rena Sofer. read more

Day 6: 12:00 Noon-1:00 PM Season 6, Episode 7

Jack and his brother's fortunes are reversed, and Lennox lobbies President Palmer hard to approve Executive Order 1066. Reed Pollock: Chad Lowe. Phillip Bauer: James Cromwell. read more

Day 6: 11:00 AM-12:00 Noon Season 6, Episode 6

Jack's family becomes part of the investigation; politicos Reed Pollock (Chad Lowe) and Thomas Lennox strategize on how to advance their agenda; and President Palmer delivers an address to the nation. Graem: Paul McCrane. Phillip Bauer: James Cromwell. read more

Day 6: 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Season 6, Episode 5

CTU and the Palmer administration are left reeling by the terrorist incident in Valencia, but terrorist Abu Fayed has problems of his own. Walid Al-Rezani: Harry Lennix. Hamri Al-Assad: Alexander Siddig. read more

Day 6: 9:00 AM-10:00 AM Season 6, Episode 4

The stakes are raised in the search for Fayed and Numair, and Jack takes over the operation at President Palmer's request. Hasan Numair: Shaun Majumder. read more

Day 6: 8:00 AM-9:00 AM Season 6, Episode 3

Jack and Assad hope that Masheer, one of Abu Fayed's men, will lead them to Fayed. Hamri Al-Assad: Alexander Siddig. Abu Fayed: Adoni Maropis. read more

Day 6: 7:00 AM-8:00 AM Season 6, Episode 2

Jack escapes from Abu Fayed and tries to warn CTU that Fayed, not Assad, is behind the bombings, and the strike on Assad should be canceled. Abu Fayed: Adoni Maropis. Walid Al-Rezani: Harry Lennix. Hamri Al-Assad: Alexander Siddig. read more

Day 6: 6:00 AM-7:00 AM Season 6, Episode 1

A wave of terrorist attacks hits 10 U.S. cities in 11 weeks, and President Wayne Palmer is forced to consider desperate measures. Ahmed Amar: Kal Penn. Abu Fayed: Adoni Maropis. read more

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Premise: An exciting and edgy real-time action series about U.S. counterterrorist agent Jack Bauer trying to save his country from foreign and domestic enemies in the course of 24 grueling hours (with each hour a separate episode). The series took a great concept and executed it superbly, juggling taut storylines with forceful performances and a stylish, gritty look. Which made it easier to forgive some of the more foolish and implausible subplots, many involving Jack's crisis-magnet daughter, Kim.



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