Ever wondered what Timothy Gibbs (Kevin, One Life to Live ) might look like in his birthday suit? Fans will have an opportunity to sneak a peek at his bare assets in an upcoming episode of HBO's Sex and the City . According to the New York Post, Gibbs is the detective who investigates when sex scriptor Carrie Bradshaw ( Sarah Jessica Parker ) is mugged for her pricey heels. Gibbs shows off a glimpse of his bare rump when he winds up in bed with one of the show's four leading ladies — which one is still a mystery. Gibbs seems unfazed by his public display of intimate skin. He onced bared his bottom on an Italian soap opera back in the early '90s. "I think it's in better shape now," says Gibbs.… Rob Estes (ex-Kyle, Melrose Place) travels from the West Coast to the Eastern shore to make several guest appearances on the NBC hit drama Providence. Estes will play John Hemming, a physical therapist who turns to holistic remedies to help Dr. Sydney Hansen recover from her coma. Syd, played by Melina Kanakaredes (ex-Eleni, Guiding Light), will enjoy some romantic moments with John as well.