Eric Martsolf, Liza Huber and Lindsay Hartley, Passions
In today's installment of Passions, the perpetually shirtless Ethan (Eric Martsolf) awakens from his coma just in time for Christmas. Although Theresa's (Lindsay Hartley) prayers are answered, the lovelorn vixen won't stay happy for long. As this story line unfolds, Ethan and Gwen (Liza Huber) will make plans to relocate to India for a fresh, Theresa-free start in life! recently dropped by the Passions set to watch Hartley, Huber and Martsolf don gorgeous Indian costumes and perform a sexy (yet hilarious) choreographed dance number right out of a Bollywood movie. The talented trio demonstrated the "push and pull" of their soapy love triangle quite literally! You'll see it all for yourself in Gwen's daydream sequence that airs on Jan. 27. Take it from me, this is Passions' best production number since Edna, Beth and Charlie danced that Chicago-inspired cell block tango. Brava!