If you think you're seeing double in Salem, you're perfectly right. This week, Andrea Hall-Gengler , Deidre Hall's (Marlena, Days of Our Lives ) twin sister, returns to the show in the recurring role of Hattie, a diner waitress who's a dead ringer for the caring psychiatrist and radio show host. This is not Hall-Gengler's first time on the show. In the late '70s, she played bad girl Samantha Evans, an alcoholic actress who took on her greatest role impersonating her twin, Marlena. Hall-Gengler reprised the role in 1982, only to fall victim to the Salem Strangler. Her return could spell Days déjà vu for the Hall sisters if Hall-Gengler's Hattie decided that Marlena's lifestyle is much more appealing and tries to take her identity. Hall-Gengler's first air date is Aug. 17.