It started on radio in 1937, then moved to television. Now Guiding Light takes on the newest technology with the premiere of Misguiding Light, an online satire of the popular series, beginning Jan. 25. Consisting of five-minute vignettes, Misguiding Light is the brainchild of Procter &#038 Gamble staffers Lisa Baim and Kimberly Hamilton. The program's launch coincides with GL's 65th anniversary.

Misguiding Light's main character is aspiring soap opera writer Floyd Boyd, who can't get a break from GL's executive producer Paul Rauch. "His Reva long story gets turned down," says Hamilton. "Before he leaves the studio, he gets into an accident that lands him in the fictional world of Springfield." GL fans will get to see some of their favorite characters over the course of the program. "Rick, Mel, Marah and Paul are in the first episode... [viewers] will see most, if not all the cast over the 13 episodes," reveals Baim.

Directed by ATWT's Lisa Brown (Iva) and produced on digital video, Misguiding Light will be shot on GL's sets as well as behind the scenes. "You'll really feel like you're part of Springfield and the studio," Baim declares, "and we think it will be a real treat for fans."