Renee Elise Goldsberry, One Life to Live and Tracey E. Bregman, Young and the Restless
All of soapdom was buzzing on Wednesday when the Daytime Emmy nominations were announced. Here's how your sudsy faves reacted to all the big news....

First-time nominee Renee Goldsberry (Evangeline) had a mixed reaction to being One Life to Live's lone acting anointee. "It's bittersweet because I saw some great work on my show last year," the supporting-actress contender told "I don't want to single anybody out, but I can't help it: Bree [Williamson, Jess/Tess], I thought was absolutely wonderful, [as were] John-Paul [Lavoisier, Rex], Robin Strasser (Dorian)... I also thought that Tari [Signor, Margaret], who was [pre]nominated in [my] category, was really, really great. Michael Easton (John) should get a little shout-out as well, because you're only as good as your partner."

"It was shocking that I was even nominated," said General Hospital's class clown, Scott Clifton (Dillon). He has never won and doesn't think his third time's a charm, either! "I had some stuff — Lindze [Letherman, Georgie] almost dying in the hospital — and I didn't really do anything that great with it. So this year wasn't a great year for me, and I know I'm not winning."

Clifton is perhaps too humble, but we can't help but agree with his prediction on the lead-actor race: "Anthony Geary [Luke] is going to win. His [pre]-nomination tape was spectacular."

All My Children's Alexa Havens (Babe) was thrilled for her TV mom, lead-actress contender Bobbie Eakes (Krystal). "What's so different about Bobbie than most of the nominees is she is a comedic actress as well as a dramatic actress," Havens said. "I think that gives her a leg up on the others."

As the World Turns star Terri Colombino was tickled to see CBS' nomination landslide. "I'm so happy for GL. My sister show!" she grinned. As for ATWT's multiple acting nods, Colombino enthused: "[Trent Dawson, Henry] is my partner in crime, so obviously that's my first priority. But I'm so happy for Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer), who has put in so much this year, and Jennifer Landon (Gwen), who's just a natural, and Jesse [Lee Soffer Will].... Their love story makes me all excited about [our] show again!"

Young and the Restless vixen Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) fielded congratulatory calls all day, and made a fun one of her own as well. "That's been the coolest thing about today," she said. "I texted Michael Graziadei (Daniel) and woke him up around 8:15 am. He was still in bed. I said, 'Get up! You're nominated!'

"I got so many calls from our cast, writers, and hair and makeup people congratulating me," Bregman adds. "My first Emmy was in 1985. For my prenomination tape [this time], I submitted the scene of Michael's marriage proposal to Lauren. Christian LeBlanc was adorable and so amazing in it that I never considered it my scene.

"[A bunch of my Y&R cast mates] sat and watched each other's reels for hours one night, and Christian felt I should submit it. There was no ego in the room. All the suggestions came from so much love and support."

Congrats to all the nominees! For a complete list of the major Daytime Emmy contenders, click here.