Why do good girls go for bad boys?
Are you ready for Sonny Corinthos and Emily Quartermaine Cassadine to pair up on General Hospital? The mobster and the heiress are gonna hook up — and TVGuide.com has confirmation of that straight from GH cohead writers Bob Guza and Chuck Pratt. Can't believe it? Read for yourself!

TVGuide.com: Let's talk about the rumor of an upcoming Sonny-Emily coupling.
Bob Guza:
Maurice Benard and Natalia Livingston have really strong chemistry.
Chuck Pratt: Maurice has actually commented on it and we've seen it. You can be friends for years and then wonder, "Is there potential for more?" We find it fascinating that Sonny and Emily are two people who really would cause a lot of trouble if they even thought about this.

TVGuide.com: Nobody in Port Charles will be happy about this!
If this were to develop into something more, consider Nikolas' reaction and Jason's reaction....
Pratt: [Laughs] There will be a mosaic of lines drawn in the sand!

TVGuide.com: Sonny is much older than Emily. How do you justify this pairing other than sheer shock value?
Sonny and Emily have been good friends for years. With Carly (Laura Wright) now having her mental problems and not being around as much for her children, Emily is very much becoming a strong female figure for the kids. She was a sort of surrogate mother when Michael was born because Carly was having postpartum depression, so Michael was much closer to Emily than to Carly when he was born. Having Emily in this role now is not going to please Carly!