The newest crop of daytime performers is coming from a most unusual source — reality based programming. Taking advantage of breakout stars from shows like CBS's megahit Survivor and others, daytime is giving these overnight sensations a chance to bring their natural spark to the soap canvas.

Mark Paredes is joining the Days cast in the role of Vito, an Italian chef. Casting director Fran Bascom called in Paredes after learning the former U.S. diplomat has a flair with languages-he speaks seven. Paredes had coincidentally just appeared as a contestant on the Fox game show Greed. Paredes will be whipping up exotic dishes at Moroni's restaurant in Italy, where he'll no doubt spice things up for Brandon and Sami. Paredes has some acting credentials to back up his newest role. He's been a soccer commentator in Mexico, a DJ in Italy, and a tour guide at Disney World. Survivor castaway Sean Kenniff will also grace the daytime screen with an appearance on Guiding Light. While the details of his role are still being smoothed out, Kenniff won't have to spend hours learning his lines. Sources say the neurology resident will play a doctor on the show. It's only a matter of time before the other soaps tap into this trend. And who would be the next perfect candidate to cross over to daytime? Banished Big Brother houseguest, Jean Jordon, who is an exotic dancer, could definitely create sparks in a sleepy soap town.