Jake Weary's Turn as Luke will soon end
As the World Turns supercouple Lily and Holden are losing a son and gaining a recast. Talented youngster Jake Weary (Luke) — the 15-year-old son of Guiding Light star Kim Zimmer (Reva) — is leaving Oakdale to do normal high-school kid stuff.

"They are writing a story for Luke, which means the actor who plays the role is going to be working more," ATWT's rep tells TVGuide.com. "Due to Jake Weary's schedule, Kim Zimmer has pulled him out of the show. He needs to focus on school and he wants to be involved in sports, so working him more isn't going to fit into his schedule at this time."

Weary last airs Nov. 29. Recast Van Hansis steps in as Luke on Dec. 14. We just hope Van brings his A-game because Jake, who amazed us during the "Who killed Julia?" mystery, is a tough act to follow.