As The World Turns: Searching for clues about the Lily and Rose connection, Iva and Lucinda meet Sister Mary Catherine, played by Tresa Hughes, on Sept 19… Kelly Mealia plays young Iva and Sean Patrick Reilly appears as Lucinda's attorney in a flashback on Sept. 19….At David's trial, Elaina Erika Davis plays prosecuter Corinne Lee, Richard Borg plays David's defense attorney and John Wojda plays the judge on Sept. 20.

Days of Our Lives: Harry Danner appears as Dr. Maxwell, a pediatrician, on Sept. 24…. Look for Nadia Bjorlin's (Chloe) real-life sister, Kamilla Bjorlin, to make an appearance on Sept. 26 and 28. She plays the Serpent in Austin and Greta's virtual Eden.

Guiding Light: Michelle Morgan plays an ICU nurse Sept. 19…. James Biberi plays a thug Sept. 20…. Justin Silverman is Bo, Marah's pushy admirer, on Sept. 21.

One Live to Live: While ABC has decided not to renew Don Jeffcoat's (Joey) contract when it expires at the end of the month, don't expect Jeffcoat to be off the canvas immediately. OLTL has asked Jeffcoat to stay on the program for extended period of time, confirms his manager.

Passions: The third time is a charm! Daytime newcomer Deanna Wright steps into the role of Kay. She'll be taking over from Gina May, who temporarily filled the slot after Taylor Anne Mountz's departure. Wright's first airdate is Sept. 25.