We've heard him playing his rock and roll music a few decibels too loud in the Black home; we've heard his voice snap back to his father John in typical teenage fashion. This week, Days of Our Lives puts a face with the name. Kyle Lowder makes his daytime debut as Brady Black on Aug. 21. Brady has been away at boarding school for the past few years, but he's back in Salem and ready to cause a commotion.

Lowder was born in St. Louis but grew up in the New York City suburbs. In high school he excelled in sports and theater. He split his time between both passions and won top accolades on the field and in the choir. "I was really busy in high school," says the young actor.

During his senior year, Lowder made the decision to pursue acting full-time and enrolled in Syracuse University's acclaimed drama department. As a college sophomore, Lowder flew to Los Angeles to participate in a series of workshops and showcases for actors. Inspired by the positive response of agents and managers, Lowder made the decision to pursue his acting career immediately. "My parents weren't thrilled that I was putting school off for a while," says Lowder, who took a leave of absence from the Syracuse program. "After only a few weeks being in Hollywood, I was booking jobs and I was able to support myself, so my parents came around."

While the story avenues for the teen Brady are endless, it's pretty certain he'll be thrown into Days's mesmerizing teen mix. He could give Philip some competition vying for the affection of Chloe. Or maybe Brady will find himself inexplicably drawn to sweet, desolate Mimi. Whatever the twist, this 6-foot-1-inch, blond-haired, blue-eyed rebel is certain to turn heads — on-screen as well as those of fans.