Viewers of yesterday's episode of SoapNet's Soap Talk saw not only yours truly being interviewed by Ms. Lisa Rinna herself, but they also got an update from Alicia Leigh Willis on her status at General Hospital.

After GH's cast and crew threw Willis a goodbye party on the set, executive producer Jill Farren Phelps persuaded her to stay and wrap up the pregnant Courtney's triangle with Jax and Nikolas. "I was ready to go," she recalled, "when [Jill] came to me and said they had this really great story line. Things felt unresolved. [I said] 'Yes, of course.'" As a result, Willis will continue to air through February sweeps and slightly beyond.

When Soap Talk's cheeky cohost, Ty Treadway, asked if Willis would prefer to see Courtney recast or killed off, the actress danced around that tough question. "I would hate to see someone else come in," she grinned. "I love playing Courtney and to see someone else come in, it's like, 'It's my character!' I don't want to see someone else come in, but if they do, I wish them all the luck."