McKenzie Westmore, Passions and Brody Hutzler, Days of our Lives
As reported first, Days of our Lives hustler Brody Hutzler plays a sexy masseur on NBC's Las Vegas tonight at 9 pm/ET. His Days character, Patrick, is also poised to split up supercouple Bo and Hope (Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso). Here's what Brody has to say about all his skirt-chasing shenanigans.... So you and Hope just happened to end up on the same hot, sultry Caribbean isle.
Brody Hutzler:
I need to get away, so I head off to a place I own on Morgan Island, but my house has accidentally been rented out to Hope. Whatever. So I get to my house and there she is. We have to stay there together. Sounds like a classically cheesy Days coincidence.
[Laughs] Hey, it could happen! Can we expect tropical passion?
It has to be done right so the fans will accept it. We recently had a scene where [the script called for] me to rub her back, and it was just creepy. Hope's kid had just died. It was right after Zach's funeral. So Kristian and I changed it to make more sense because the way the scene was written, it was too forward and sexual. "Hey, your kid just died. That's hot. Let's go!" I don't think that's right. Selfishly, I want my character to come off like a good guy, so we'll take it slow. Your character on tonight's episode of Las Vegas is sketchier.
I play at masseur at the Montecito. The rumor is that he gives all the girls "happy endings." So Vanessa Marcil has to go undercover to investigate me, and hilarity ensues.

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