Save these dates, General Hospital fans: Tristan Rogers resurfaces as Robert Scorpio this Thursday, April 13. Dynasty diva Emma Samms pops up again as his ex-squeeze Holly Sutton on May 1. And Finola Hughes returns as the elusive Anna Devane Scorpio on May 12.

By the way, GH is now officially confirming Finola's comeback, which first reported last week — even if a certain other soapy site did post a "Finola Returns!" report right after mine went online, lamely trying to pass off my scoop as their own. But I digress....

GH says we should expect Anna to literally "drop in" while Luke and Robert are on the run from the law during another trip to the fictional Maarkam Islands.

"I am very excited to be reprising the role of Anna and reuniting with my General Hospital family," Hughes said in a cheeky statement. "My return has to do with Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio) convincing me to come back to Port Charles... and whining a lot.”