Patti D'Arbanville, who has portrayed sassy and soulful Selena Davis for the past 2½ years, has been let go from Guiding Light. GL representatives confirmed her release. "It's storyline-dictated," says a show publicist. "But we have no last airdate as of yet."

D'Arbanville broke the news herself, posting a statement on her Internet message board over Labor Day weekend to inform fans that she had been let go. "I thought that I would take this opportunity to be the first to let all of you know that I will be leaving the show in October…" D'Arbanville wrote. "Many factors have entered into this decision, and although I am saddened, I only want what is best for this show." Fans of the actress have rallied together in an effort to stop D'Arbanville's departure. They have set up a Save Selena web page and are asking fans to e-mail and snail-mail GL executives to show their support of the character. Whether their efforts will save the character remains to be seen.

D'Arbanville's imminent departure follows a string of performers who have either chosen to leave Springfield or been let go in the past few months. Maeve Kinkead (ex-Vanessa) left the show this summer and was quickly followed by co-star Kurt McKinney (ex-Matt), whose exit was storyline-dictated. Joie Lenz (Michelle) recently announced she would not renew her contract and will leave GL in the early fall.