As Passions star Galen Gering forewarned, Sheridan (McKenzie Westmore) did not initially recognize Luis when the heiress found her not-so-dead lover all beaten up in Hawaii. Next week, Sheridan unwraps Luis' bandages in the hospital and gets an eyeful of his handsome (albeit bruised) face at long last! "We definitely had a laugh. It's totally a soap-opera moment," Westmore says. "This reunion is big for the fans because Sheridan and Luis haven't seen each other in seven months."

Video Sneak Peek: Want an early look at Sheridan's shocker? Watch an exclusive video preview right here.

FYI, Westmore anticipates that Passions "probably will recast" Sheridan when she goes on maternity leave. "The due date is June 1 right now," the mom-to-be shares. "With the ultrasounds they're doing, it may be a little sooner. It's a boy, and his name is Maddox. I looked it up online and it means champion and son of God. What a cool name with such a beautiful meaning behind it! I told my husband [musician Seven], and he loved it. But then my sister goes, 'Uh, you know that's Angelina Jolie's baby's name, don't you?' I didn't even realize that. Oh well! [Jolie] doesn't have a patent on that name."