Galen Gering, Passions
Passions devotees who root for "Shuis" — the popular Sheridan-and-Luis pairing — are worried to see McKenzie Westmore romancing Adrian Wilson's Chris. Particularly since they've known all along that Luis, as played by Galen Gering, isn't really dead — he was merely written off temporarily due to a delay in the actor's contract negotiations last year. After a six-month absence, Luis will return to Passions on March 8 to find Sheridan married to Chris! Here's what Galen has to say about that and much more.

TVGuide: Is the contractual conflict that necessitated Luis' exit all cleared up?
Galen Gering:
There were some misunderstandings, but suffice it to say that everything's worked out great. It's good to have a little break and come back fresh. It'll be exciting for the story line and for those loyal fans, bless their hearts.

TVGuide: What have you been up to during your hiatus?
I've been renovating some houses. I'm also having a son with my wife, Jenna, so I've got that done, although that was probably only a few minutes of work. [Laughs] He's due in August. Everyone on our show is having kids, so you're kind of in the minority if you're not!

TVGuide: Congrats! So are you wearing a beard for Passions or is it a personal preference?
No, it's not a personal choice. I don't understand how anyone can happily grow a beard. It's so itchy. I'll be coming back pretty beaten up and hairy — and so disheveled that Sheridan doesn't recognize me! [Grins] Man, I thought we were soul mates. I guess it's out of sight, out of mind.

TVGuide: I know! She's marrying another guy already.
I'm sure Luis will be devastated.

TVGuide: Luis left town to search for their kidnapped son, Marty. Was he successful?
I'm not sure, but I'll first appear in a burlap sack. I have evidently been held hostage by God knows whom. It probably has something to do with Alistair, since everything evil in Harmony does. I'm just anxious to get back to work. It'll be a lot of fun.