Kirsten Storms and Kristina Wagner by Ron Tom/ABC
Few soap queens stir up as much fan fuss as Kristina Wagner. But the beloved star's return to General Hospital on Dec. 20 won't be a happy holiday homecoming. Her character, Felicia, is back for the funeral of her teen daughter Georgie ( Lindze Letherman), the latest victim of the Text Message Killer. "It's just so sad," Wagner says. "On my first day back, I cried through 13 scenes and left feeling pretty blue."

Last seen two years ago, Felicia has been away on the flimsiest of excuses (a sick aunt in Texas), and her other daughter, Maxie (Kirsten Storms), is furious about it. "Maxie tears into Felicia during the eulogy and puts her down for not being present and available," Wagner says. "Felicia runs out of the funeral, and to honor Maxie's feelings, she doesn't even go to the burial. Later, she rushes to Georgie's grave for a few moments, hoping Maxie doesn't see her. It's a terrible way to say goodbye." - Michael Logan