Ingo Rademacher and Laura Wright by Michael Yarish/ABC
TV Guide soaps columnist Michael Logan's Sept. 3 "Suds Alert" called into question the "outcry" over Irina's sexual assault of Jax on General Hospital. That, in turn, elicited a passionate response from many GH fans. Here is Logan's latest take on the controversial matter:

"Bang! Zoom! I've been assaulted with e-mails from General Hospital fans furious at my remarks about their guy Jax. They started out PO'd because the character was tortured and forced into sex with a female villain, and that GH then tried to play it as a marital infidelity rather than rape. And now the Jaxanistas hate me for pointing out that they never raise this sorta stink when women are victimized on soaps. People, please! Years ago GH became a show primarily about gang wars and the sordid side of life - a stylistic commitment that sets it apart from all other soaps. Mobsters are heroicized, terrorists are forgiven, and women are disposable possessions. (Saintly hit man Jason recently threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend Sam. Where is the uproar over that?)

Yes, GH pushed the envelope with Jax, but how can any regular viewer of this sexist, violent, morally messy program possibly be surprised, shocked or offended?"