Erik Slezak by Heidi Gutman/ABC
Everyone in Llanview thinks Viki Davidson is in Paris. And she is. Just not the one in France. The wealthy One Life to Live doyenne - played by six-time Emmy champ Erika Slezak - was last seen Aug. 17 emotionally frazzled and asking for a ticket on the first flight out of town. Since then, she's been sending e-mails back home, intimating she's in Gay Paree. But in the Oct. 19 cliff-hanger, it's revealed that Viki is working as a waitress at the Bonjour Diner - in Paris, Texas. "And she's loving every minute of it," Slezak says. "Her new family at the diner has no idea who she is, what she's running from or that she has money. She has none of the problems and responsibilities of home. I think the fans will enjoy this - doesn't everybody have that wish to get away from it all?"

Slezak, who has a stellar track record when it comes to romantic chemistry on OLTL, is getting a new love interest - the always terrific Brian Kerwin. He joins the cast Oct. 25 as Charlie, a blue-collar contractor and a regular at the diner. - Reporting by Michael Logan