Congrats, Martha!
Good news! As the World Turns superstar Martha Byrne (Lily) has stork scoopage to share exclusively with "I'm having a baby," she beams. "It's baby No. 3. I'm due in the late spring and you'll be the first one to put the news out there!

"My husband and I are both thrilled," adds the 34-year-old mom of two sons. "We don't know [the baby's gender] yet. I found out the last two but I'm gonna wait this time. I feel different, but I could just be old. I'm a little more tired, a little more cranky and very sleepy, but life is wonderful and I'm very blessed."

World Turns exec producer Chris Goutman has not yet decided whether Byrne's pregnancy will be written into Lily's story line. However, Goutman has worked her other "baby" into the show — that being her latest album, The Other Side. "I wrote a song called 'Find My Way Back' for Holden and Lily," the soap songbird says. "They have been playing it constantly during my scenes with Jon Hensley. On Dec. 5 they'll play it over a clip montage of us as teenage lovers. I can't wait to see it!" FYI, The Other Side is available for purchase at