Kimberly McCullough and Michael Sutton by Cathy Blavis/ABC
If you're crazy about General Hospital's Kimberly McCullough - and who isn't? - don't miss the SOAPnet marathon Robin Unwrapped (kicking off Sunday at 10 am/ET). McCullough's character, the HIV-positive Dr. Robin Scorpio, recently became pregnant, and this three-hour homage helps trace her journey to this landmark point.

Getting a replay is the popular 2006 episode when Robin and Patrick (her eventual babydaddy) first admitted their love for each other, as well as the 1996 hour that featured her sweet, steamy frolic with Jason during a Port Charles heat wave.

But best of all is a multi-hanky episode from 1995 in which Robin's AIDS-stricken lover, Stone, is able to focus his eyes and gaze upon her one last time before he dies. McCullough earned the second of her two Emmys for that one. You'll easily see why. - Michael Logan