Corbin Bernsen
General Hospital's Corbin Bernsen is psyched about being cast in the USA Network pilot Psych. The premise: A tricky private eye uses his photographic memory to pass himself off as a psychic detective. Bernsen plays the P.I.'s disapproving dad. "I'm in Vancouver making the pilot now," he tells "Dule Hill from The West Wing is on the show, too. If USA picks it up for a series, we'll probably come back here in March to start production."

If that happens, will Bernsen have to leave his ABC suds role behind? After all, he has remained on recurring status by choice, since a contract could preclude his taking other gigs. "Scheduling might be a little bit hard, but there will be time to go back and forth between shows," Bernsen reassures us. "My plans are to stay at GH unless I absolutely can't do it. I enjoy playing D.A. Durant and I want to keep him in Port Charles. I can always do other shows, but I don't want to jeopardize my steady job at GH. Look at my mom, Jeanne Cooper (Kay, The Young and the Restless). She's been making a career out of her soap for 35 years!"

Speaking of moonlighting, Bernsen's straight-to-DVD flick Carpool Guy will make its TV debut Nov. 24 on SoapNet. The film's soapy cast includes not only Bernsen and Cooper (playing mother and son) but GH regulars Tony Geary (Luke), Rick Hearst (Ric), Sean Kanan (ex-A.J.) and many more daytimers. Click here for more info.