As General Hospital abandons its biotoxin storyline, sources are reporting that several actors will leave the show. Topping the list is GH newcomer Robert Kelker-Kelly.

WIth much fanfare, Kelker-Kelly resurrected the role of evil Stavros Cassadine &#151 who had been kept frozen by his doting mom Helena for almost 20 years &#151 this past June. In his short time in Port Charles, Stavros has drugged his nemesis Luke, stalked his former wife and life-long obsession Laura, tormented his younger brother Stefan from afar and murdered innocent bystander Chloe. Stavros's extremely hostile behavior does not fare well for the possibility of rehabilitation, and is often the catalyst for a mysterious demise with such a loathed daytime villain. Kelker-Kelly's agent states that the actor hasn't gotten an official word from GH that he's been released, and ABC offered no comment, but fans have started an online petition to keep Kelker-Kelly on the show.

Rumblings are surfacing that Angel Boris, who plays Angel Ellis, will also be released sometime in late fall. Stay tuned for more information.