Brandon Beemer, Martha Madison, Jay Johnson, Nadia Bjorlin by Paul Drinkwater/NBC
Days of our Lives
Four top characters - Philip, Shawn, Chloe and Belle - will hop a private jet to Ireland to find Belle's kidnapped daughter. And go figure: Philip adds to the stress onboard by demanding Belle choose once and for all between Shawn and him. "Could there be worse timing?" Martha Madison says with a laugh. The actress, who plays the freaked-out mom, promises a "huge reveal in Ireland that will tie up over 20 years of story and explain why the DiMeras have such a vendetta against the Bradys." And we finally learn the true identity of Belle's father, John Black (Drake Hogestyn). "It'll change everything in a big way," Madison promises. "Belle's gonna be a DiMera! Who'da thought?"

All My Children
It's no secret All My Children's Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) likes men - witness her 11 marriages and countless trysts - but she's never enjoyed an interracial romance. Until now. Actor Mario Van Peebles joins the show this week as Erica's new love interest, Samuel Woods, a hell-raising U.S. DA who is intent on making the rich and powerful pay for their crimes. Erica is instantly enticed, unaware that Woods has an ulterior motive - he's secretly investigating her.

As the World Turns
The "Who Killed Dusty?" whodunit takes a weird twist when the killer decides to get revenge against the prime suspect, Lily, and her estranged hubby, Holden, who has taken the blame for the murder. But chaos is good for a broken marriage - before sweeps is over, the couple share a kiss.

The Young & the Restless
BAM fan alert! As AMC lovers Bianca and Maggie - aka BAM - Eden Riegel and Elizabeth Hendrickson had a huge die-hard following. Now Hendrickson's headed to The Young and the Restless as Chloe, a hotshot fashion guru who becomes a bad influence on sweet, young Lily. Details in next week's TV Guide!

Guiding Light
Harley keeps it all in the family when she has sex with Cyrus, who also happens to be her niece Marina's lover. Gus and Natalia head to the altar.

General Hospital
HIV-positive Robin tells Patrick she's pregnant. Tracy is ejected from the Quartermaine mansion. Jason thinks Coop's "suicide" by hanging looks like the work of the Text Message Killer.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Demented Stephanie counts her hubby Eric's Viagra pills and discovers he didn't end his affair with Donna like he claims. The upshot, according to a show rep, will send B&B into "new and uncharted territory." For a freaky-deaky soap, that's saying something! - Michael Logan

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