Donna Swajeski, former headwriter of Another World and past director of daytime at NBC and ABC, is penning a new soap — on the Internet. She has created an interactive one-minute soap titled 4o'clock4play for "It's time to find ways of telling stories in a different way," says Swajeski. "I think the audience no longer wants to just watch, they want to get involved. It's an on-going soap with all the traditional elements of love and romance, and everyone can take something away from the show that's more than just the story."

	The show follows the lives of four characters in the virtual town Harbor's Edge, two of whom meet when they are sold the same apartment. "One character, Destiny Blair, she's sort of the Erica Kane of the digital age," explains Swajeski. "She's really unpredictable, wild, a lot of fun to watch, outrageous. And everybody is in love with somebody else."

Site users will not only be able watch and discuss the show, but they can experience what the characters are doing after the broadcast. "We're going to have makeovers, hot fashion tips and fortune tellers. They'll learn how to get these things after the show," explains Swajeski.

4o'clock4play will transmit daily at 4 p.m. in each time zone. "We think it's a good reward for people at work who are at their desks at that time; just get a little fix of soap, romance and fun," she says. "We're looking at it as a good way to mingle reality concepts and well as fictional." The show goes live Oct. 4.