Dear Soaps,
How many years was Fiona Hutchison on One Life To Live as Gabrielle Medina? Who were her loves, husbands and romantic entanglements? —Papichulo

Dear Papichulo,
Hutchison was on OLTL from 1986 to 1991. She had two husbands during her tenure in Llanview: Max Holden and his brother Steve. She almost married widower Michael Grande. But her great love was Max, with whom she had a son. Gabrielle was so obsessed with Max, she made love to him while her husband Steve was in a coma! She then tried to suffocate Steve with a pillow so she could be with Max, but relented just before the deed was done. When Gabrielle thought Max had been killed, she became attracted to Father Tony Vallone. She then fell for Matt Kingston, who reminded her of Max. Little did she know it was Max, who had undergone plastic surgery after being burned in a fire. She married Max, and Father Vallone presided over the wedding. (DD)