Dear Soaps,
Why are the writers letting Bridget make such a big deal out of Brooke and Thorne being together when they didn't over Brooke and Ridge? The relationship of Thorne to Bridget is the same as Ridge to Bridget, but she didn't mind her mom and Ridge? — Rhonda

Dear Rhonda,
Ridge is also Bridget's half-brother, so it would certainly seem that Bridget should have been as upset over his relationship with her mom as she is over Brooke and Thorne. But I have a few theories of why she's more vocal about the latter. One, Bridget is now old enough to understand the implications of her mother dating her half-brother (How do you explain that one to your temperamental teenage friends?) Bridget spent the first several years of life, 'til about 6 or 7, believing that Ridge was her dad until a second paternity test proved Eric is her true father. She may see Ridge as more of a paternal figure. And don't forget, Bridget's disdain is being fueled by her friend Kimberly, who wants to have Thorne for herself. A Kimberly/Thorne pairing would have its own complexities, since Thorne was married to Kimberly's half-sister, Macy, and is old enough to be her father. (DD)