Dear Soaps,
I have often wondered about something on General Hospital. The Cassadines always calls Nikolas the "Prince." Is he a prince of an actual country, or is that just a nickname or something? &#151 Katie

Dear Katie,
Descendents of Russian royalty, the Cassadines follow regal family traditions. The eldest son of the eldest son always succeeds to the position of prince. Since Stavros is the first-born son of Mikkos (the eldest son) and Helena Cassadine, he is a prince, as is his son Nikolas. Of course, disillusioned with his family's desire to maintain their exclusivity by any means necessary, Nikolas renounced his title several months ago. He's only returned to the family fold to help save his brainwashed half-brother Lucky from Helena's evil clutches. Presumably, if the Cassadines ever succeed in world domination, the oldest living prince would take his rightful spot on the family throne. (DD)