Dear Soaps,
I have been watching General Hospital for almost 10 years. I was talking to someone last night about Jason Morgan (Quartermaine). Did Steve Burton originate the role? If he didn't, who played Jason before him? &#151 Amy

Dear Amy,
I'm sure if you ask any GH fan, they will tell you that Burton is, and always will be, the definitive Jason Morgan. Having said that, Burton is not the first actor to play the role. Quinn Carlson played baby Jason in 1982. Bryan Beck stepped into the role for a brief performance in 1983. When Jason was aged into his teens in 1991, Burton assumed the part, and the former Out of this World sitcom star found the world in which he belonged. Burton has left and returned to GH on several occasions in the past 12 years to appear in other projects, which include Semper Fi and the feature film The Last Castle.